Frost Ice and Glamor - 1920's Vintage Winter Wedding/Bridal Accessories

Its easy to accessorize for your 1920's themed wedding.

When you think of the 20's you picture Clara Bow and Joan Crawford doing the Charleston and looking FABULOUS doing it! Maybe that's why so many couples have turned to the 1920's for a fun but glamorous wedding theme.

Flappers are the icon of being free, having fun, breaking all the rules and glamour.

The flowers of the day were gardinas and calla lillies (already popular among brides) placing these in large vases wrapped in faux pearls, with a few feathers tucked in will give your centerpieces a sophiscated and glamorous look.

Broochs, cocktail rings, pearls and bold bracelets were in style. Fur (faux fur now) was also a 1920's glamor statement.

Today's bride has endless choices.Big bold flower headpieces, feather adorned headbands just have fun with it!

Choosing Jewelry for Your 1920s Wedding

The choice of jewelry is important for any bride, but especially if you are planning a 1920s theme wedding. Your dress and accessories and your decorations all come together to create the feeling of a Roaring Twenties wedding, and jewelry is one of the more important pieces of the puzzle.

Like everything else in the 1920s, jewelry was bold and flashy — but it wasn't necessarily real. This was the period when costume jewelry became popular. During the Art Nouveau period, which started shortly before the end of the Victorian Era and ended in the early 1900s, the focus on jewelry shifted from value to aesthetics.
But while the lines of Art Nouveau jewelry tended to be flowing, Art Deco jewelry favored geometric designs and flashy rhinestones or paste (cut glass) jewels.

When people think of flapper jewelry, they typically think of long strings of beads, such as pearls. And while it's true that a lot of flappers did wear long beaded necklaces to accentuate their flattened chests and boyish figures, don't make the mistake of thinking this is theonly thing you can do with your jewelry. Here are some ideas for flapper wedding jewelry.

* Look for vintage costume jewelry with rich tones and geometric designs. You can check some books out from the library on vintage jewelry to help you learn to identify Art Deco jewelry, but in general, pieces were flashy, designs tended to be geometric, and richly colored fake jewels (red, blue, green) were popular. Marcasite — jewelry encrusted with numerous small, faceted stones of fool's gold — was also popular during this time. For instance, these marcasite earrings are very Art Deco in style, and would look great with an upswept hairdo.

* Wear a long string of pearls. Depending on the length of the necklace, wrap it once or twice to create loops of varying lengths around your neck. This style works best with a fairly plain, straight bodice and the typical dropped waist of the 1920s.

* Wear a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings, being large and rather showy, were of course popular in the 1920s. A cocktail ring typically has a large (3 to 5 carat) stone, although vintage ones will most likely be paste (fake stones). Although a cocktail ring is intended to look showy, choosing a ring with colored stones will help ensure it won't be competing against your wedding ring.

* Repurpose vintage accessories. One of the most exciting parts about choosing wedding jewelry for your 1920s wedding is coming up with different ways to wear vintage jewelry. For example, a marcasite brooch can be pinned into your hair with bobby pins to accessorize your wedding hair style, while a shoe clip or dress clip can be clipped onto a long necklace to be worn as a pendant.

* Improvise with modern jewelry in Art Deco-inspired styles. Don't worry if you can't find the right vintage jewelry for your wedding. It is easy to find Art Deco-inspired styles in modern jewelry. For instance, the cocktail ring — which was so popular during Prohibition — is now becoming popular again.

* Don't feel like your wedding rings HAVE to be 1920s. When I got married, my wedding set was from the 1960s, not the 1920s, but I highly doubt anyone noticed. If you want a 1920s-style wedding ring, fine, but don't feel you have to! There will be so much else to set the proper mood that no one is going to notice if your wedding rings aren't period. Besides, wedding rings styles haven't changed much since the 1920s — as you can see by browsing modern




Theme weddings are a popular way to spice up your special day. And what’s spicier than a 1920s theme with its flapper dresses and jazz music? If this sounds perfect to you then there are 10 essential items that you will need:

1) The Proper Attire for a 1920s Wedding
The clothing that you choose to wear for your wedding will be the most important part of creating the theme. This likely means choosing a simple, straight dress and seamed stockings for her and a cool zoot suit for him. Your wedding party should be dressed to the theme, too, with flapper dresses and zoot suits being the most common choices.

2)Just the Right Shoes
It doesn’t make any sense to have vintage attire with modern shoes. That would kill the effect. Take the time to find vintage shoes really worn in the 1920s. Searching online, finding just the right vintage shop in your local city, or even ebay can be successful.

3) Accessories
You can go all out with flapper boas and feather headbands or you may stay classier with vintage pearls and simple veils. Pearls, diamonds, and lace are a great accompaniment as well.

4) Hair and Makeup
The bride is always the one at center stage in a wedding so it’s important that her hair and makeup be suited to the theme. For a 1920s theme this means a bobbed haircut, bright red lipstick shaped into a Cupid’s bow, very rouged cheeks and thick darkened eyebrows.


The bridesmaids should be done up this way as well. Look at hairstyles and make up and choose the ones you think best fit your theme.

5) Music
Jazz music is an absolute must-have at any wedding themed to the 1920s. Broadway musicals were also popular at this time so a smattering of appropriate songs from musicals would also be suitable. Make sure that the wedding party knows how to dance the Charleston, the Foxtrot and the Waltz! If your wedding guests don’t know how to dance the Charleston or the Foxtrot, think about hiring a dance instructor for your themed wedding.

6) Drinking Accompaniments
The 1920s was the era of Prohibition but that doesn’t mean that people weren’t drinking. Set up the bar area of your reception to look like the beautiful underground speakeasies where drinking was done.

7) Flowers
This was one area where the women of the 1920s really outdid the women of today. They even went so far as to make bouquets out of ostrich feathers. Doing something along those lines would help make your 1920s theme seem more genuine.

8) Period Personalities
The great thing about the 1920s is really the assortment of extravagant characters that come to us from that time. From the mobsters to the movie stars, there were many people who were audacious and interesting. Theme each table around a different individual from that era (such as Al Capone or Louise Brooks). Decorate the centerpiece of each table appropriately to the theme.

9) Dramatic Colors
Think black, white and red. This is a great color scheme for a 1920s wedding. For example, your tables may be decorated in black and white tablecloths with bright red napkins on them.

10) Frivolity and Fun!
The most important thing that you need to have at a 1920s themed wedding is a sense of wild abandon and genuine fun. The 1920s were all about adventure and frivolity and having a really good time. It is this spirit that is going to make your themed wedding a perfect event!























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