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Wow, never thought I would see this happen. I was shooting a Jewish wedding ceremony in Woodland Hills and a tragic thing took place. It was late in the evening during the wedding reception. It was an upscale event to say the least and I was covering it as a wedding photographer. There must have been 250 people plus in the banquet hall. Everyone was drinking, dancing and having a grand old time. The groomsmen were carrying the mother of the bride on a chair above their heads on the dance floor. The music was rather upbeat and loud. The mother looked as if she was riding a mechanical bull at cowboy bar in East Texas. As the sweat rolled tremendously down the faces of the guys I began to notice the mom was riding the chair on her side and quickly fell shortly thereafter. Her dismount on the wood floor was reminiscent of the 1984 Olympics and the DJ immediately stopped the pounding music. Needless to say this brought the nights fun to a close. Don't worry, she's fine and yes those pictures never made it to the wedding album.

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