Getting Married Soon? How to Plan Your Honeymoon

Getting married is an exciting but also tumultuous time. Many events leading up to the wedding are about celebrating with the people in your life and your family, but the honeymoon is just for you and your new spouse. If you plan wisely, you can have fun planning arrangements with minimal stress.

Decide When to Start Planning

Planning when to plan may seem excessive, but it will save you from the torture of trying to plan your wedding and honeymoon simultaneously. Deciding how to approach your honeymoon planning is as vital as the planning stage because you need to carve out enough space to enjoy yourself. When you start planning will depend on your schedule, but most experts suggest planning after you have a concrete wedding date. You also need to communicate with your partner to find a schedule that works for them. Healthy relationships will take this time to establish clearly how involved each person wants to be in the planning and what responsibilities they will have.

Plan Realistically

Most people think of the budget when they hear the phrase “plan realistically.” While that is the foremost consideration, you also need to be frank about what you and your partner actually enjoy doing. Some people have dreams of salsa dancing lessons and dolphin diving and forget that these are not activities they enjoy. While you should branch out and make your honeymoon special, be sure to plan events that are true to your wishes and interests as a couple and not what looks best on social media. This advice applies to the destination of your wedding. Don’t be afraid to choose an unconventional location if it is one you will enjoy.

Start Making Reservations Ahead of Time

Once you have the destination and events roughly planned, it is time to start making reservations. If you have the money, this is a great place to hire a travel agent. They will know the best locations and prices for a newly wedded couple, and it can take some of the most stressful parts of planning off your shoulders. However, if you want to book the hotel and make reservations yourself, include it in your plan and set aside enough time to deal with any difficulties. Some hotels, like the 7 Gables Inn, a Marriott Tribute Portfolio hotel, know that staying in a hotel can be fun. While getting a hotel has been a tradition for most couples, with the rise of home-sharing businesses like Airbnb, you can book a stay in a local apartment or hotel. However, there is still nothing quite like staying in a hotel.

Be Flexible and Have Back Up Plans

The final tip for excellent honeymoon planning is to always prepare for the worst situation. Unfortunately, you will not have much control over flight schedules and many other aspects of the trip. Have a mindset of flexibility and backup plans if things don’t go your way. This mindset applies to your travel accommodations, honeymoon activities, and hotel reservations. If you know what to do when things go awry, you will have much more peace of mind on your honeymoon.

Everyone’s honeymoon is unique to them. Each person will have different styles of planning and special criteria. By involving your partner and scheduling thoughtfully, you can have an amazing experience.

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