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Now that the busy wedding season is over, the bridal show season is beginning! After doing my first bridal show with my husband this weekend I thought I would blog about ways to make the most of the shows.

If you’ve ever attended a bridal show you know they can be absolute chaos! There are multiple vendors from each sector and there are brides and their friends running all over the place. Some shows even have multiple rooms with vendors in them! If you haven’t done your homework you may not know which way to go! So…check out these tips!

Before the show

1. Make a list of what services you are looking for. Do you have a photographer yet? If not, put that on the list. If you don’t have flowers yet then put that on the list also.

2. Print out labels with your name, phone #, email address, and wedding date! (If you have room add your address also.) Many of the booths have drawings for prizes. They have forms to fill out to register for the drawing. By printing out labels you can just stick that to the vendors form and then get to the important stuff…checking out the vendors products and/or services! I’ve noticed some people just print out paper with their info on but labels are better as you can stick them onto the vendors form. If you don’t want to print out your own check out online companies like Vista Print where you can often get some printed for free!

3. Check out the wedding shows website to see what vendors will be there. If you need a photographer then check out all the photographers that will be there. If you need a cake…do the same.

4. Decide what you’re looking for in the vendors you still need. For example, for a DJ do you want one that plays games with the guests to get them involved or one that plays songs to keep the dance floor packed? Do you want a photographer that provides you with albums or do you just want a full resolution disk of your photos to do what you want with? Make a list of what you are looking for and questions you want to ask them.

5. Once you see what vendors will be there in the categories you need then check out their websites. By doing this you can get a preview of their work and get an idea if it’s a vendor you’d like to work with. Add the vendors you’re interested in to your list of services needed.

At the show

1. Bring with you the list of services needed and vendors you’re interested in as well as your labels. Also bring a notepad and pen to take notes.

2. Bring a camera to take pictures of any ideas you want to incorporate into your wedding.

3. Bring your checkbook. Many vendors offer specials if you book while at the show. However, don’t book a vendor just because of a show special. If you have any doubts about them…wait until you get to have a one on one meeting with them to book.

4. Bring your mom or a friend whose opinion you trust. Plus, as a bonus, they can help you carry things!

5. Register when you get to the show and be sure to grab the map or program they provide so you can locate the vendors you’re interested in.

6. Many people attending bridal shows head straight for the cake vendors because they are giving out free cake. I know it’s tempting to do this…but if you already have a cake vendor booked…don’t get caught up in the long lines just for a free piece of cake! If you do need a cake vendor then definetely check them out, but keep them for the end of the show as that’s when the lines will be the shortest.

7. Take notes! You will probably meet with multiple vendors offering the same services so be sure to take notes so you remember who you like and why. And be sure to ask the questions you listed before the show.

After the show

1. Pull out the brochures and/or business cards from the vendors you liked.

2. Call or email those vendors to set up consultations so you can see more of their work and so you can get to know them to make sure your personalities “click”!

I hope these tips help you! Now find some bridal shows to attend and have fun! Check out my website at Stylish Occasions and my blog for more great ideas!

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Comment by Stylish Affair"s By Mickey Long on November 5, 2009 at 5:46pm
These are wonderful tips for future brides! Thank you for sharing this.
Best Regards,

Weddings & Social Events
By Mickey Long
Comment by Christine Dyer on November 5, 2009 at 6:36pm
Excellent post! Thank you.
Comment by Destine 2 Design on November 5, 2009 at 6:41pm
Love this post...smooches
Comment by American Event Productions on November 5, 2009 at 10:02pm
Great info - thanks for sharing your tips. Here are a few other tips from our blog post - Weddin Show Season - Be Prepared!

Wedding show season is in full swing and most brides will be excited to do the rounds and check out all the vendor booths. But - if you're not prepared, these shows can be exhausting, confusing and chaos!

We've attending many of these shows and have seen brides walking aimlessly from booth to booth. Their arms filled with flyers and business cards and their faces looking like they're on information overload. But don't despair - there is a way to get through it all and even have enough energy left to enjoy the highlight - the fashion show.

Rockin' brides will check out our Wedding Show Survival Guide and make sure they're prepared...

Check out the show schedule a few days before - as some of the featured events (like the bridal fashion show) take place only one time. You want to make sure you see this event/show first (before you hit information overload) before hitting the booths.

Plan to arrive early. The wedding vendors will be excited to meet you and give you their information. If you wait until later in the day, they are likely to be exhausted from repeating their presentation over and over again for the past 5 hours!

Make a note of the type of vendors you want to interview. This will ensure you actually make a point of visiting exactly who you need to see - instead of aimlessly wandering around tasting wedding cake although you've already ordered the cake!

Take a large bag to place all the info and goodies in.

Don't go alone. Take either your finance or a friend. If you're not technical you may want to take a man or techie with you to do the "tech talk" with the DJ's, Photographers and Videographers.

Take a few sheets of pre-printed address labels. You'll use them to stick on the vendors sign-in sheets. This will save you from writing the same info over and over again. Be sure to only include the information you want to give out. I'd suggest including your name, phone number, email address, date of wedding and wedding location.

Walk down each isle and check out only the vendors on ONE side at a time. This will save time and help you stay organized.

Some vendors will offer "Show Specials" be sure not to commit to anything on the show day just because you want that cool discount/upgrade. You'll need a few days to go over all the information - so ask them to honor the special rate for a few days (and get this in writing).

Be sure to check out a large selection of the vendors work - not just what they hand you at the show. Every vendor will showcase their best work - so check out their websites and look for a large demo sample. Look for customer testimonials too.

Don't plan to attend more than one show each weekend - too much information!

Beware of pushy vendors. A great high quality vendor will not need to be pushy as their products/work will stand out and sell themselves.

Enjoy yourself! Most brides will attend several wedding shows before their wedding so make it a fun day out and find the perfect vendors for your big day.
Comment by April Dorsey on November 9, 2009 at 12:26pm
Fantastic information. Attending these shows can be overwhelming, so with a bit of planning you can make the most of it..........

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