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Healthy Conscience?

I've endeavored in a new career path, aside from my Hair and Makeup Business. I am now attending the school of Integrative Nutrition ! I will soon be certified as a Health Coach. Brussel sprouts for everyone!!! YAY! I'm Kidding , Read on. There's some great nutritious meals you'll truly enjoy!
Health Coaching is a slightly different approach, directing clients with healthy lifestyle and food choices. ! Health Coaching is linking your lifestyle to your everyday food choices. Your life is primary food, your nutrition is secondary. I will guide you to a healthy, happy life and you'll look your best while living it!! Most of us live day by day believing that cravings are just a normal, pleasurable instinct.
Wrong! Cravings are our bodies triggers telling us we're deprived of a much needed ingredient-
and it may not just be in food!!
Some of us may be feeling lonely at night which is why we crave sugar or chocolate.
Roast some almonds with a drizzle of olive oil and organic Dark chocolate in the oven OR take the initiative to call up a loved one- friend or family member and tell them you miss them!!

Ask about your cravings!

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