Pickle: iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

The Pickle: If you are like me, you want to be able to do everything from your iPhone. You might know of the apps from The Knot or from Brides Magazine, but you are looking for other helpful apps for planning your wedding.

The Solution: I have reviewed some that I actually like and use that I think can be helpful for wedding planning and are free!

Wedding Gawker - You can scroll down many pictures like wedding eye candy. Click on ones you like and it will take you to the original blog post it came from often providing you even more images. Heart your favorites so you can find them again. Pretty much a wonderful way to pass the time and possibly find inspiration for your own wedding.

Brides - This is a free online magazine. Though they only have four magazines for Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco, you can still find inspiration from the images and read articles that are helpful for any wedding no matter what region you are in. You can even read through old issues, so you will have several magazines to read right on your phone!

Inspire Lite - If you aren't familiar with My Wedding Concierge, you will be now! This app is great because you can search what you are specifically looking for and it will guide you to blog posts, inspiration boards, articles, anything that matches from its database from all around the world wide web.

My Fitness Pal - Not wedding related but it is very common that brides want to lose weight before the big day. I have tried out many weight loss tracker apps and this one is my favorite. The food database and workout database is diverse enough for you to track most what you eat, even from restaurants and fast food. The other thing I love about it is that you can buddy up with friends. There is a news feed that lets your friends know that you tracked your food and workouts and it will announce lost weight every time you weigh in. Your friends can't see what you eat but the accountability is still there to urge you to track what you eat. Get your bridesmaids on it and do it together! If you want to friend me on it, let me know!

To Do - This has turned into a very necessary app in my life and I know it can be helpful for wedding planning for sure. You could write out your wedding to-dos on the notepad app, but there is no checking off anything unless you delete it. I like the accomplishment of marking something as done, and not just typing "Done" next to a task. Put your to-dos for the month, day, week, however you want to track your planning. The other feature I love is that you can have multiple to-dos, so you don't have to mix up your wedding planning with house chores or work tasks.

Drop Box - I LOVE this app. Find a picture you like from the internet on your phone, save it in your drop box and find it on your computer when you get home. Or save images from your computer in your drop box and pull them up when you go to vendor meetings. Plus it serves as a back up so if you lose the images, it is always online with Drop Box. (Wow, that sounded like a promo, lol)

 In fact, all these iPhone screenshots were transferred for this post thanks to Drop Box! What apps do you use that you can share?

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