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Her Cinderella shoes – find the perfect shoes for your wedding day

Without a doubt, the wedding dress is the star of the show. Some women search it for months or even years in advance, because it has to be “the one”. But what about the shoes? Do you want to be Cinderella? You may spend the night barefoot, but during the wedding ceremony and reception, you need your shoes, because they complete the outfit. Frequently they are the last thing the bride has in mind. But they can make or break your bridal look, this is why you should search for a fabulous pair.

The length of the skirt, the style of the dress, and your height will influence the wedding shoes. Also, do you feel comfortable wearing high heels all day?

If you could imagine your shoes, how would they look?


Start with the wedding dress length

Do not buy the shoes before finding your wedding gown. Once you have it, you can start looking for shoes. Will your feet be visible when you will wear your dress? If they will be, then it is essential the style of the shoes to match the rest of the outfit. If you will have a tea-length dress, then a pair of points will be the perfect match.

The ideal situation is when the colour of the shoes match the colour of the dress. But if you cannot find something similar, you should choose a pair that matches the jewellery or embellishments you will wear. Some brides ask the designer of the dress to offer them some fabric to cover the shoes.

If you want some simple shoes that would match all types of dresses, you should buy them before ordering the dress, because the tailor will adjust its length accordingly.

You need two pairs of shoes

Yes, you need two pairs of shoes, especially if you cannot decide if you would prefer a fashionable or comfortable pair. Have them both, high heels for the ceremony and reception, and comfortable shoes for the party. When you will hit the dancefloor, you will need something comfortable, like wide fit sandals or satin shoes with a tiny heel. You will have something from both worlds; you deserve it, because you are the star of the day.

Who said bright colours?

Do you have that something blue you need on your wedding day?  No? Well, now you have, you can brighten up your outfit with a pair of blue shoes. More and more brides chose coloured shoes to wear with their wedding gowns, because they want to keep things playful. If you do not like blue, you can choose one of the numerous colours, shoes come in.

Think at the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses, at the flowers you have in the bouquet, at the groom’s tie colour. You can choose a pair of shoes that matches your wedding colour scheme. For a great visual effect go with metallic shoes, copper, rose gold, silver or gold, you will look glamorous.

Statement shoes

Are you a fan of the Great Gatsby? It can be your inspiration when planning the wedding and choosing the outfit. Only a brave and bold bride can choose a pair of shoes with a pattern. Who says that you have to be a traditional bride, who wears cream, ivory or white? Let your shoes show your personality. Choose a pair with jewellery, a pair with an accessory on the heels, or a hot red pair.

Sometimes is better to say no to skyscraper heels

You want to look tall and fancy on your wedding day, but high heels are not your best friends for this event. You will spend most of your time standing, you will do it for around 12 hours, and part of this time, you will even dance. You need to keep your balance, and to feel comfortable, especially during the ceremony, you do not want to look sad, while you are saying your vows. During the ceremony you want to look happy and in love, not dizzy and nervous.

Also, consider the height of your partner, if you have similar heights, you do not want to wear a pair of shoes that will make you tower above him.

Flats have our stamp of approval

What rule states that you must wear high heels on your wedding day? Yes, high heels and elegant shoes offer you a feminine stance, but if you have a beach wedding, you should let your heels home. Some women simply do not feel comfortable to wear heels, and if you are part of this category, you should not wear them.

If you want to look elegant and sophisticated, you can choose a pair of flat sandals with delicate beadings and accessories. For some extra elegance, choose a pair of ballet pumps; they look amazing with a wedding dress. You will look like a princess, even better than Cinderella did. Another option is to choose a peep-toe pair of shoes with a thin ankle strap, they work great with dresses that let your feet show under the skirt.

And if you are a rebel bride, you should slip your sneakers on. Yes, you have our approval to do it!

Tricks to make your life easier

  • Bring a pair of old shoes and keep them under the table, you may need them.
  • Wear the shoes at least once before the wedding day. If you want blisters, let them in the show box until the big event.
  • Have a feet-survival pack prepared. Buy some gel inserts and Band-Aids, you will stand and dance a lot on your wedding day; you need something to help you deal with the blisters.
  • If you want to match the colour of the dress with your wedding shoes, then you should take the dress with you, when you try different pairs. Or you should take a fabric piece, to make sure that they have the same hue.
  • If you cannot find the pair of shoes you want, no matter the reason, but you know exactly how they look, you should have them made.

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