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Have you ever gone to a wedding or party where you thought WOW someone did a great job? Everyone had fun, the vendors were busy and knew exactly what to do when. Now how many times did you think this could have been better or even jumped in to assist yourself? People do not know where to go, meal is served late, items have disappeared during the 'wedding day crazies', vendors look scattered?

Ever wonder what it takes to get that smooth, flowing ceremony and reception? It takes coordination, planning, and most of all willing vendors!

If you are getting married perhaps you have wondered why venues and vendors alike have 'preferred vendors' or 'vendors we like'. The answer for me (and most of those I know) is because these are the people we know we can count on.

As a planner, I am tasked with your day...I don't play your music, chase you around for those perfect shots, or serve your food, but I am the coordinator to make sure those things happen, timing is right, everyone including vendors know what will happen next, and just overall 'celebration management'.

I build my preferred vendors list based on reputation, quality, customer service, and very importantly how they work with others! Discounts offered to me that I always pass directly to my customers is great too, but next to service/quality playing nicely is huge.

We all have our job to do. We all have experience. We all have our ideas on the best way BUT I find the smoothest weddings are when each looks out for the interest of the you and your guests we are 1 team.

Can I work with those not on my preferred list? it all the time. This is a great opportunity to add to that list and sometimes unfortunately have to make a mental note of 'no not that one'.

The ultimate goal regardless of what list or where you found them is to have 1 team working for a perfectly choreographed dance.

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