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Honeymoon in Sweden: 5 essential destinations

Sweden is a country where unspoilt nature awaits you in Swedish Lapland, unique landscapes in the Arctic polar circle, cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm or wonderful archipelagos. Wearing you gorgeous A-line wedding dresses. It is an unforgettable destination!

If you are nature lovers and are looking for a dream trip for your honeymoon, Sweden is an option to consider. It does not matter if you go in summer or in winter. Every season is amazing. Do not miss everything you can discover in this Nordic country. In this case, it is very good for you to wear beach wedding dresses.

1. Swedish Lapland: midnight sun and northern lights!

Where are the last vestiges of wild nature in Europe, the place where the Sami lives, the European indigenous people? What is the region where you can enjoy the aurora and the midnight sun? The answer to these questions is only one: Lapland. In summer, you can enjoy the traditional “midnight sun”, walking at dawn.

If you visit Sweden in winter (It is very essential to visit the Abisko National Park, with AuroraSky Station). You can not miss the magnificent aurora, it is one of the biggest nature offered by this destination.


2. Stockholm and its archipelago

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, spread over 14 islands situated on Lake Malaren and proudly extends to the Baltic Sea at its eastern end. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Gamla Stan, the old town. There you can enjoy beautiful cobbled streets, the Royal Palace, Stortoget Square, Stockholm’s most famous colored houses, Gothic churches.


3. Gotland, a beautiful medieval island

There are historical museums, original restaurants, long white sand beaches and ecotourism on this Baltic island. Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry from Stockholm. It is very suitable for you to wear short wedding dresses.

4. Varmland: descending rivers with a log raft

Enjoy real peace in central Sweden in the Varmland region and launch into an adventure like Huckleberry Finn, descending the rivers on a log raft.


5. Escania: forests, lakes and castles

Escania in southern Sweden is as colorful as a large multicolored patchwork: fertile lands, forests, lakes, castles and museums, as well as beautiful gardens. It is a destination that you can not miss. If you have a wedding here, lace wedding dresses will show your beauty.

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