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Natural colors like pinks, creams, peaches, and nudes are back in fashion, especially for bridal purpose. The brides who crave for glossiness prefer different shades of gold. To match up with the apparels, gold and diamond jewelry is their choice. Also, to complement their subtle-colored dresses and stepping out of the tradition, gemstone blings including pink sapphire, amethyst, citrine, lime or olive green peridot are high on the wedding shopping roll.

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Singularity is what a bride needs, which is why personalized and custom made rings and necklaces have gained popularity. She loves to add her own style in her wedding dress and jewelry.  Some gorgeous and feminine pieces, which are interesting and different from what anyone else carries, are prominent in the bridal jewelry section.

Aside from adding a pop of color via gemstones, young brides choose colored diamonds these days. Delicate sparklers in rosy pink, ocean blue, lilac purple, canary yellow, etc. are the emblems of romanticism in the air. They create just the right aura of the wedding when donned by the bride as she is the most momentous part of the whole wedding.

Furthermore, designers are focusing on generating organic-inspired statement pieces containing shapes of flower, butterfly, sun, and many other shell ornaments to match up the bride’s wedding gown. Gold and platinum have been the most sought-after metal chunks in almost all jewelry pieces. Pearls have proved their timeless elegance and sweetness this year as well. They can be taken up without giving a second thought as pearl jewelry makes for an all-rounder companion.

All in all, absolute distinctiveness is the demand of modern brides. They fall for anything that is bold yet sophisticated.

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