How to Calm Your Nerves Before Your Wedding Day

While you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day for a long time, it may seem surreal that it’s almost here. In the days leading up to your big day, your nerves may start to unravel. Here are some tips to help keep them calm.

Get A Massage

It’s hard to have uneasy nerves when your body is in a total state of relaxation. A simple body massage can help to uncoil those tight muscles. As your massage progresses, you’ll notice the constant release of muscles creates a euphoric feeling that puts you in a proactive mood. While it may be cheaper to ask your partner for a massage, we encourage you to seek out a professional as they have the skills necessary to alleviate tightness throughout your entire body.

Talk It Out

One of the best ways to get rid of unrelenting nerves is to talk it out. Just the act of speaking helps to release pent-up emotional feelings. You can contact a psychic counsellor to learn more about your future and become more confident in your decisions. You could call up a friend and let them know how you’re feeling. Just spend some time talking with another individual to let those pent up emotions flow out of your body.


Nerves have a way of making us feel tight and wound. You can help to alleviate these feelings by exercising. We all workout in different ways. Pick whatever physical activity you love to do and get to it. Running, biking, swimming, kickboxing, and weight lifting are just some of the many you have to choose from. The physical motion of the exercise will release excess adrenaline and, therefore, have a natural calming effect on your body.

Write It Down

Many times, nerves can be an indication that you feel unprepared for something. Take a few moments and write out the worries that are coming to your mind. Write about the things that pop in your head that cause you to be nervous. After a little while, you may find that the root cause of your nerves is due to the fact that you forget to plan an aspect of the wedding. Or, perhaps you need to better delegate the tasks on your special day to alleviate your stressful burden.

Your wedding day is a big day in your life, and it’s completely natural to feel nervous. However, you don’t have to stay that way. The above four tips are great places to start to help alleviate some uneasiness before your wedding day.

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