Veils were originally used because the groom wasn't supposed to see the brides face before the wedding. Today veils are used to enhance the brides look with that special dress.

Some dresses come with matching headpieces which makes it easy to have the right veil with your wedding look. Tiaras are very popular with brides adding that princess look and feel on your wedding day. Tiaras can be worn with long or short hair styles and up do. You can save money by adding trimmings like pearls, crystals or sequins to customize the veil. Change the look of a veil by going longer or shorter.

Here is a guide to different length of veils.
• Blusher - Short veils that covers the face ends below the neck line. This is usually a single layer veil, for a unique look this veil can be worn together with a longer veil.
• Elbow length - veil falls 25 inches from your headpiece to your elbows.
• Fingertip - extends to the tip of the fingertip (Looks great with ball gowns)
•Flyaway veil - have layers and barely touch the shoulders. Usually made with stiffened fabric so it fits away from the body
•Chapel length veils - Trails 21/2 yards from your headpiece gently pools around your feet.
•Cathedral veils -the most dramatic falling 31/2 or more from your headpiece. This veil can be detach during the reception to allow easy 'movement.
•Mantilla - is a Spanish style scarf like veil that covers the head and shoulders usually made of fine lace.

If you are crafty or have a relative who sews, all it takes is a visit to a craft store to have one custom made. Some stores allow you to rent headpieces for the wedding day. Have fun on your hunt for the perfect romantic headpiece.

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