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It’s a big decision to make. Yellow and gray? Blue and orange? Or, wait, what about green and pink? Whether it’s soft and easy going neutrals or cheerful and upbeat brights, the colors you choose for your wedding day help to set the feel and tone for the whole celebration. Your decorations, wedding invitations and even your bridesmaid dresses and flowers all fall under your chosen color scheme.  For each of you trying to  make this big decision I want to introduce you to a few of your new best friends.

The Pantone Wedding Fan Guide is perfect for shopping for wedding fashions, and coordinating colors with your wedding vendors, such as florists, caterers, stationers and more. If you haven’t narrowed down color choices yet, this is a great option to carry with you to help coordinate colors with all of your vendors.

Your next 2 besties in this adventure are thePantone Wedding Chiplettes and the Pantone Wedding Color Planner.

The new Pantone Wedding Chiplettes are a cost effective way to select and communicate your wedding colors. Order individual Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette swatches in each of your favorite colors and use them to mix n’ match colors and create the perfect palette for your dream wedding. Chiplettes provide an exact match to your dress color and will help you communicate your colors, instantly and accurately. Once you select your perfect color combination, use Pantone Wedding™ Chiplettes to share them with your wedding party and anyone with color related tasks, such as invitations, cake decoration, flowers and more.

Use the Dessy Group Pantone Wedding Color Planner to store and keep track of your Pantone Wedding Chiplettes. Each Color Planner contains 6 perforated Chiplette holders and a checklist. Tear off each Chiplette holder, fill out your personal information on the back and start giving them out to everyone helping you plan your special wedding day.

If you order 6 or more Chiplettes and get our Pantone Wedding Color Planner for FREE!

No more planning stress. What’s not to love? Visit today to see all of our wedding planning tools.

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