How to Delegate Your Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Being a maid of honor is an experience that you will remember for an entire lifetime. Your childhood friend trusts in you to make sure that her special day goes off without a hitch. One of the primary duties of the maid of honor is to assign roles to each of the bridesmaids. With some proactive planning, you can assure that you’ll create memories that last forever.

Make a To-Do List

Planning a wedding is overwhelming without precise organization. Write down everything that is needed, and send the list to all of the bridesmaids. Encourage everyone to pick activities that they would enjoy, such as decorating or hotel arrangements. A shared Google Doc can be utilized among the group to keep track of items that have been completed.

Make it Fun

A maid of honor can also become a “bridezilla,” and she can make everyone in the wedding party miserable. Don’t let it happen to you. Try playing a game to delegate wedding responsibilities and lighten the mood. Write flower arrangements, dress fitting, pictures, and planning the bachelorette party on small slips of paper. Next, mix them up in a bowl, and have each bridesmaid pick one. Finally, serve some appetizers and wine, and you’ll be on your way to the most liked maid of honor in wedding history.

Schedule Deliveries

The happy couple, along with their parents, are likely going to be overwhelmed and need some help. You can do a lot by scheduling the flower delivery, the caterers, ordering sashes and table cloths, and anything else that can be planned in advance. On the day of, make sure all deliveries are on time. The day before, call your flower shop and caterers to make sure they are on track.

Ask Tactfully

As you chat with each bridesmaid, get an idea of what she is willing to help you out with. Demanding additional responsibilities creates tension and tasks that are rushed. Not all of the bridesmaids can devote equal amounts of time to every job. You will likely need more coaxing for dirty work.

Divide and Conquer

For larger bridal parties, try dividing the bridesmaids into two separate teams. Not only will your stress level be lower, but the bridesmaids can keep each other in check along the way. You can monitor the progress and intervene if necessary. Group work is a good way to make sure everything gets done, even if one person turns out to be a slacker.

Select a Responsible Gift Tracker

All of the gifts from the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and reception need to be recorded. Chances are you will be too busy to keep track of it yourself, so pick the most detail-oriented bridesmaid for this essential duty. The bride will appreciate your diligence when it comes time to send thank you notes.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army of bridesmaids to plan a wedding. You can do everything on your own, and it’s ok to get others involved. You can even extend to others beyond the bridal party if you need the help. Enjoy the process and camaraderie of your friends and family.


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