How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Many women dream of having the perfect wedding day, and a key part of this is the wedding dress. Our fascination with wedding dresses can be seen with TV shows, movies, and endless discussions about the perfect wedding dress. 

When it comes to buying your wedding dress, it is imperative that you buy one that works for your body type, especially if you are buying it online. While we have our ideas of wedding dress styles, not every style goes with every body type.

If you want to buy the perfect wedding dress for your body type, try the following tips.

1. Know Your Body Type 

The first and perhaps most crucial step in buying a wedding dress to fit your body type is knowing what your body shape is in the first place. Technically speaking, there are five prominent body types found among women.

There is the pear shape (narrow shoulders, small bust, and wide hips), apple shape (shoulders and hips the same width and a fuller waist), banana shape (hips and shoulders are similar widths and a defined waist), strawberry shape (broad shoulders, narrow hips, and full bust), and hourglass (full bust, round hips, and small waist). 

First, go online and look up any of the body shape guides to find out which best describes you. This might mean using some measuring tape, but it will give you a good idea of your body type. 

Be sure to look out for reviews of these shape guides, though, to check whether they are accurate.

2. Know Your Best Dress Styles  

The next step to take when you want to buy a wedding dress online is finding out what dress style best fits your body type. As there are different body types, there are different dress types that fit each body. 

Similar to using online guides to find out your body type, you should consult some resources to find out which dresses will work best. 

For example, A-line and empire line dresses work best for apple body types, wrap and flare dresses are great for pear shapes, cinched waistlines are best for strawberry bodies, A-line dresses are great for banana shapes, and fitted dresses work well for hourglass shapes. 

To be on the safe side, visit fashion forums and read online reviews of different types of clothing to find out how they fit on people with your body type.

3. Shop Accordingly 

After you’ve figured out both your body type and the dress styles that go well with it, it is time to proceed with your online wedding shopping. You can shop from either wedding dress sites or fashion sites with a wedding dress section. 

Some of these allow you to shop by dress style such as A-line or fitted, and this helps to narrow down your search to the most relevant results. As a tip, try to find the highest-rated dress under each style category to get the best options. 

Before you buy your dress from any site, make sure to read online reviews by wedding stores on sites like to make sure they are reputable.


Buying your wedding dresses can be one of the most exciting but tricky things you can do online. One way to make this process easier is by knowing your body type, learning the best dresses for your shape, and reading consumer reviews. 

Whether A-line or fit, as long as you are buying according to your body type and consulting helpful wedding salon reviews, you should look fabulous on your big day.

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