How to Keep Guests Safe from Sunstroke at an Outdoor Summer Wedding

There are many options for venues and locations when planning a wedding. However, it is important to take the sun and heat into consideration when planning an outdoor wedding during the summer. Use the following tips to keep your guests safe from sunstroke at an outdoor summer wedding.

Give Notice

The first thing you want to do is notify your guests that you are planning an outdoor wedding in the summer. This way, they can take precautions to stay safe and cool during the event. They are going to need to base their attire on the weather, and they need to make a checklist of the items they need for the day. Your guests also need time to determine if attending an outdoor summer wedding is a safe option for them.

Provide Water

It is important to provide water to your guests during the ceremony and reception. Your guests need to stay hydrated when out in the sun and heat. Whether you are supplying bottled water or a water dispenser stand, you want to place the water in a spot that is easily accessible to everyone. One idea is to place a table with bottled water or a water dispenser on each side of the seating arrangements.

Sunscreen Table

Your guests are most likely going to bring their own sunscreen, but it is not uncommon to forget the sunscreen when they are focused on dressing for your wedding. Providing a table with sunscreen is going to be a big help to guests who forgot to bring their own to the event. You can even provide sunscreen for both children and adults at various SPF levels.

Shaded Areas

You should also provide shaded areas to give your guests a break from the sun. One idea is to look into portable shading options for your wedding, such as umbrellas, tents and awnings. You may be able to hold the wedding outside and the reception inside a venue, but it never hurts to look for shading options for the time you are spending outside.

Provide Accessories

Another option is to provide extra accessories to protect your guests from the sun. The accessories include sunglasses, visors or sun hats, which you can often buy in bulk for special events. If your budget and timeframe allow for a little customization, you can always customize the accessories with your wedding date.

If you provide notice, water and sun protection, you can keep your guests safe from sunstroke at your outdoor summer wedding.

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