How to Keep Your Bridal Party Close After You Get Married

When you’re a bride-to-be, this is an incredibly exciting time filled with a myriad of emotions. You’re excited because you’re about to start a new life with your new spouse. However, as your life changes, your priorities will change. As a result, it’s not uncommon for your friends to take a backseat in your life. However, the way you treat them during the bridal process will help you to either maintain or lose your friends. You’ve probably even been a bridesmaid whose relationship suffered with a hard to deal with bride. Consider the following ways you can keep your bridal party close after you get married.

Be Considerate of Their Time

When you’re developing a list of things to do during your wedding preparation season, it’s important to refocus the way you view your bridal party. Yes, they’ve signed up to help you with your wedding. However, be considerate of their time. They’re not your personal servants. They have their own lives, families, jobs and personal responsibilities. If you know it will be financially difficult to have a bridesmaid take a week of PTO to visit you, let them know it’s ok if they can just make it to the wedding. Keep your relationship above a schedule.

Be Mindful of Their Finances

It’s your wedding that you’d like to spend thousands of dollars on. That’s totally fine. However, you shouldn’t put your bridal party in a position where they feel like they’ll need to do the same. When you’re making decisions regarding the bridal shower, bridal attire and more, consider making choices that are financially considerate and reasonable.

If you are not going to buy all their dresses then let them buy their own. Give them a color palette and this way they find one at their price range. If you want them to all be matching, then budget them into your wedding cost. You don’t want to have them go without meals just to prove their loyalty to you.

Think About Their Body Types

Your bridal party is responsible for standing with you and your spouse on your big day. Just like you want to make sure you look and feel your best that day, your bridal party should feel the same way. Consider their body types when you’re picking out their outfits. Furthermore, consider allowing them to pick their own outfits within a few selections that are in the same color (or complementary colors).

The silhouette that may look good on your maid of honor may not be as flattering on your sister, etc. If they pick wedding guest dresses that fit their own body, then they’ll look their best and feel thought of. Matchy matchy cloned dresses seems more outdated than planned cohesion anyways.

Consistently Check Your Attitude

If you prove to be a bridezilla, this can truly ruin relationships. If someone’s plane gets delayed or plans change, you don’t need to release a ton of frustration on that guest. No one wants to be around someone who is supremely selfish and self-centered. Whether it’s a parent, your fiancé or a therapist, have someone who you can unapologetically vent to whenever the planning process gets challenging.

While engagement seasons and marriage can bring such incredible moments, you never want to forget about your friends that walked with you in the years prior. Avoid treating your bridal party as though they are disposable. When they know they matter, it’ll be a lot easier to maintain the pleasure of their friendships.

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