How to Pick a Wedding Band That Perfectly Matches Your Designer Engagement Ring

If your special someone has popped the question, or if you're just dreaming of the day that they do, you know that the most important and tangible symbol of that moment is your engagement ring. Once you exchange vows, though, your engagement ring won't be the only ring adorning your finger.

Your wedding band will be joining it, meaning it needs to match your one-of-a-kind engagement ring so that you can look fashionable wherever you go. To help you during your search, here are a few tips to pick a wedding band that perfectly matches your designer engagement ring.

Consider the Thickness

Out of all the different ring variables, one of the variables that are most quickly noticeable is the thickness of the rings. Though the bands can vary somewhat if they have a unique undulating design, the goal is to make the average thickness the same.

This goes for both the width of the ring from top to bottom and the thickness of the metal. If you can't see the rings in person, be sure to look at each ring's specifications before settling on your ultimate choice.

Pay Close Attention to Color

The wide variety of ring colors has given an increased opportunity for you to express your individual style. Rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and other options can all pair beautifully with different types of designs and gemstones.

This variety of engagement ring colors, though, can present a bit of a challenge when it comes time to choose your wedding band. Designer engagement rings, in particular, can have a certain gold color that may not match wedding bands that aren't specifically designed for those rings. Therefore, it's a good idea to select your rings in-person to ensure the colors match perfectly.

Interlocking Rings

In some cases, engagement rings are designed specifically to interlock with a wedding band. If that's the case for your ring, it's important to choose the matching wedding band to complete the set and prevent any unusual gaps between your rings. If you purchase the rings at the same time, you can be assured that the wedding band won't be out of stock when it's getting close to your wedding day.

Pay Attention to Fineness

You may think that the fineness of your engagement ring, measured in karats, is just another box to check as you select your ring. However, it's important to select both your engagement ring and your wedding band in the same fineness to ensure they wear evenly over a lifetime of use.

This is important because different karat classifications are tougher, depending on how much or little of the ring is made up of pure gold. Therefore, if your engagement ring and wedding band are of different classifications, they may wear differently, resulting in an odd visual result.

Even as other things change in your life, your wedding band and engagement ring will remain largely the same. That's why it's important to choose a timeless pair that will still be fun to look at after decades of use. Though the ring ultimately doesn't make the marriage, it can go a long way to remind you of the first day of your life together with your best friend.

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