You’ve just gotten engaged. Congratulations! Now everyone wants to know when the wedding is. There are 365 days in a year to pick from. Don’t minimise your choices before you consider everything about a particular date! How to pick the perfect date? Read on.

  •     What season?

The first question to address is what season you want to get married in. Of course, late spring and summer are deemed “wedding season” because of the beautiful weather and the abundance of fresh flowers available during those seasons. But let’s be honest – we live in Melbourne where anything could happen! There is as much chance of a 27 degree day in July as there is of major flooding in December.

  •     What’s your budget?

You may dream of getting married on a lovely summer day with the smell of flowers surrounding you. However, realistically, do you expect peak season prices to be within your budget? Take advantage of discounts that fall in winter months! If you’re having an indoor ceremony and reception it really doesn’t matter if it rains. Or you may be lucky and get that 27 degree day in August…

  •     What time is your wedding?

You’ve probably thought a lot about the date of your big day, but have you considered your wedding time of day? Morning, afternoon, evening, or a combination? Wedding time can be any time. In June, July, or August have your wedding ceremony and reception earlier in the day to take full advantage of the daylight. In December or January a later function will allow you to play witness to a glorious sunset.

  •     What about a Wednesday?

Or a Thursday? Or a Monday! Don’t feel restricted to just the weekends. If your work week is Thursday to Monday don’t be afraid to chop and change tradition to have your wedding on a Tuesday! The obvious thought is the weekend, but by considering something “different” you’ll steal all the bargains for sure.

  •      What’s the significance?

Do you want to hold the same date as your parents or grandparents? The same date that you and your fiancé first met? A year down the track from when he proposed? The first time you drank hot chocolate together? Make your date mean something. I bet you could think of something significant for every day of the year.

  •      What’s the actual date?

Now, before you settle on a date, consider the actual date. If you hate the number 13 don’t get married on February 13th!

Don’t be restricted by what you think is “normal” or you “should have” as your wedding date. Every day is a possible wedding date! If only it was possible to have a 365 day long wedding… That would be perfect.


Why did you pick your wedding date? Tell us in the comments below!

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Comment by Mel Gibbs on April 24, 2014 at 8:41pm

My tip: Select the day that is exactly the midpoint between yours and your fiance birthday. :)

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