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How to Pick a Wedding Date Using Your Calendar?

Getting hitched is indeed special, but don’t you think the pre-wedding tantrums at times become too overwhelming and ruin all the glee of wedding.And, with wedding dates things become way too difficult most of the times.No doubt, selecting a date is the most challenging task of the wedding event.But, this delicate decision is the most important thing the couples need to do.But, here we have some amazing tips to help you. We will tell you the easiest way to select the date using a calendar.

A symbolic date

Don’t you think getting hitched would be really great on a symbolic date? Like, if there’s any date that carries a special meaning for both of you, it can be a perfect date for your wedding.For example, getting married on a date you first met can be a great idea. Some people also choose their birthday as their wedding day.Tell your guests about the significance of time and date, so that they can also enjoy the day.

The seasonal fun

Finding a perfect season for wedding is important as it helps you to get the best of it.Moreover, the season affects the style and location of your wedding to a great extent.So, fixing a date on your favourite season will be really helpful.What you need to know is truly considering your personality, your taste, your preferences and choose your season accordingly. And yes, do consider the preference of your partner.If you are a summer or spring girl, get a date that allows you to have a free-spirited fun and enjoy tropical-inspired cocktails. You can also try a winter wedding if you are a true connoisseur of rich colours, apple cider and nostalgia.If you always crave for freshness, pastels and a daffodil bouquet, go for a spring wedding.

The holiday season

Many couples prefer to fix a date on a holiday, so that most of their guests can attend the wedding. Sometimes, people tend to evade the wedding event after a whole day of work. Scheduling a date on a holiday will be thus great idea.Moreover, a wedding on any special occasion or holiday season can also double the fun. And finally, keep in mind that scheduling a wedding date demands a lot of considerations, but at the end of the day, it’s the decision of the couple and their preferences. You can also take the help of online holiday planner to see the best time and day. So, keep it easy, simple and stress free.

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Comment by Jess Jones on January 9, 2017 at 11:18am

Another thing to think about is peak versus off-peak dates, especially if money's an issue. I don't know if it's different in other countries, but I'm in the UK and here the peak season for weddings seems to be from April or May till September. I've been looking here at wedding bands for hire and they all cost less if you book off-season. Glad I went for November! Weekdays are cheaper too (except Fridays), but I did want mine to be on a Saturday.

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