Looking for an engagement ring? Not really sure where to start? Let these tips on the 4 "C's", color, cut, carat, and clarity,  help make your decision a little easier! 

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Tips on Color
The color of the ring sometimes determines how expensive the diamond will be. Generally, the more colorless the diamond, the more expensive. There are also many different non-traditional colored gems that jewelers offer too! Take a look at these colorful engagement rings from Brides Magazine

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Tips about Cut
There are a variety of different styles of engagement rings ranging from a princess cut to an emerald cut. How do you know what style your significant other will enjoy? Tip: Ask a close friend or family member to go with you to pick out a ring that they know she will enjoy, or try following her Pinterest pages to see what she’s pinning!

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Tips about Carats
Make sure you know around how much you want to spend on a ring before deciding which carat size is right for you. As you may already know, the bigger the carat size, the more expensive the ring will be. What you may not know is that one two-carat sized diamond will be more expensive than two one-carat sized diamonds! A diamond cluster setting can be significantly less expensive compared to a single one-carat diamond. Just remember to ask your jeweler for various options and price points. Find out what will be best for your budget and go from there. 

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Tips about Clarity
Clarity of the diamond ranges from flawless to imperfect. Just like color, the fewer imperfections on the ring, the more expensive it will be. It is hard for the naked eye to see imperfections unless they are severe. Your jeweler can tell you exactly how clear the diamond is which can help you further narrow your choices to find the perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be's taste and your personal budget.

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Comment by Miara Lawrence on March 17, 2015 at 1:01am

Engagement rings signifies that you are enlisted and it symbolizes that you are committed to someone. It has to be special because you are going to wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life, everyday and everywhere you go.

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