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How to plan a wedding weekend in Sydney

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best events of your life, so why not make it longer? If you and your partner are all about experimenting and trying out new things – why limit your wedding celebration to just one day, why not make it a weekend-long affair? Make your wedding celebration unique and take inspiration from these wedding weekend ideas to organize an unforgettable party!

Notify your guest about the weekend plans

As much as everything is better when it's spontaneous, in this case, you should send guests the weekend itinerary in advance so they can be prepared for all the activates you have planned. You can either send a circular email, notify people on Facebook or you can show your artsy side and DIY wedding itinerary cards with all the necessary info printed.

Ask for help

If this all sounds too much for you to handle, well, don't hesitate to ask for some help or hire a wedding planner. Organizing a wedding can be stressful enough even if it is a one-day party, so if you don't have good organizational skills you should avoid stressing out and leave it to the professional.

Start off slow and informal

The key to a successful weekend wedding is to start off slow. Think laid-back cocktail party, an informal dinner, drinks at the pub, whatever it takes for an easy start with guests to put them in celebration mode. It is a kind of a rehearsal dinner where all your family has enough time to meet and greet everybody attending the ceremony and talk to them without the pressure of a wedding timetable.

Ice-breaking games

It would be great to intertwine some ice-breaking games to loosen up your guests and create a perfect atmosphere for celebration. You can think of games that are connected to both of you as a couple and let your guests mingle and work on the clues together.

Bonding group activities

Arrange group activities to keep your guests and family involved; get out and explore Sydney's amazing sights or discover hidden gems of this amazing city in an unusual way. Find some fun outdoor activities, organize a field trip to a specific location or choose something that is unique or traditional for Australia. Make sure to include everyone, yes, even your grandma, so keep in mind that the group activities must be appropriate for the age of the elderly guests.

A list of must-sees for your guests to visit

Make a list of your favourite places in the town and pass it on to your guest so they can visit and explore what you love, and get close to you. That way you will make sure they have something to do while you're handling the pre-wedding portraits and the preparation of the wedding. Make a logical itinerary so that you can meet with your guests on your way to NSW marriage registry and you can all go together. Your guests will appreciate the insight into the city with your little hints.

A different view of Sydney

If there are a lot of elderly relatives and seniors on your guest list, think of fun group activities such as going on a cooking class or sculpturing class. You can sign your guest up for the traditional cooking class or choose a specific cuisine you know everybody would like to try out. Choose a daily cruising tour and enjoy the sights from a different perspective. Opt for a cruise that continues until the evening and enjoy a dinner under stars with your loved one and your closes friends and loving family.

Be active during the wedding weekend

On the other hand, if you are organizing a weekend wedding for young adults then, you can pretty much do whatever you like. You can go river tubing with your guest, opt for a boat ride, or you can organize a paintball tournament - pretty much whatever comes to your mind. Also, you can go to a wedding crafts beer tasting in Sydney's amazing local pubs and try up to 16 different Australian craft beers!

Goodbye brunch

Organize a day-after brunch to say goodbye to your guest properly, and thank them for coming to your ceremony. Choose a nice little restaurant, your favourite, and share the last moments of your amazing weekend wedding with your closest friends.

Follow these tips to organize an unforgettable weekend wedding in the mesmerizing Sydney! Share your love of the city with your closest friends and celebrate your love surrounded by people who love you. Organize a goodbye brunch to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and ease the back to reality transition after the amazing weekend.

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