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How to Plan the Best Wedding While Pregnant

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but being pregnant at the same time can make things a bit more complicated (and also more exciting!) The two most important events in your life are happening almost simultaneously and there are many things to plan.

Here are some tips on how to plan a wedding during pregnancy - and stay calm.

Set a Realistic Wedding Date
If you got pregnant after getting engaged and the wedding day is already planned, take a closer look at your current plans and make the necessary adjustments. You should quickly decide how far you want to be when you tie the knot. If you do not want to change too much, you may consider the first 1-3 months, but you will probably be very tired.

If possible, try having your wedding in the second trimester of pregnancy. By this time, your morning sickness should have disappeared (or at least lessened enough so that you can face the buffet without barfing).

Get a Helping Hand

If there's one thing you shouldn’t save on in your budget, it's help. As a future mom, you should be able to sit down and enjoy your pregnancy, while the wedding professional does all the hard workouts.

If you can’t get a wedding planner, then do try to find a coordination assistant. Parents, siblings, and friends will most likely help you and your future spouse can help to choose programs, places, and vendors.

Buy Wisely
It can get a little trickier choosing a wedding dress when you have a bun in the oven, but there’s nothing to worry about.

You are not the first pregnant bride that’ll shop for a wedding dress, so consultants at the wedding salon can suggest the right size for you based on your due date (and a good dressmaker will also make a big difference when it comes to making small adjustments).

Push your Dress Fitting Schedule to the Last Item on your Checklist
Your body will change every day, so postpone making any dress alterations until you are as close to the wedding date size as possible. This is especially true if you chose a dress that emphasizes the body form rather than flow.

Use Online Tools to stay Organized

There are many applications and online tools that make planning a big day much easier. Use them to your advantage. The following are recommended.

  • TRELLO - A task management tool that is used more often in the workplace than for planning a wedding. With it, you can create the main list of all the things you need to buy, reserve, plan or create, and then divide tasks between people and prioritize them week after week.
  • Pregnancy Due Date Calculator -  Use this tool to make useful calculations. Knowing your delivery date is important to know if you are going to pick the best date for the wedding.
  • VISTAPRINT - A decent compromise between choosing to do the designing and printing yourself and paying professionals who provide the service. There are many wedding-themed options to choose from.
  • PINTEREST- Use this social media platform to gather and track inspiration.

Use Pinterest to gather ideas with your spouse.

Prioritize your Health
Plan to keep water and healthy snacks in close reach throughout the wedding day (remember you are still feeding two!) Make sure your dinner is safe for your baby (i.e., avoid soft cheeses, sausages, and sushi) and stick to non-alcoholic cocktails.

Simplify Everything

It's only natural to be excited and invest a lot of energy into planning your wedding, but don't get carried away. Keep it simple.

Find a venue that has almost everything in place and doesn’t require you to rent items or bring supplies on your wedding day. If you really need to cut back on numbers but are worried about how the guests would react, don't be! Everyone will be so excited for you that they will fully understand should you need to change plans.

Be Strategic

Be strategic in planning.

Work so you can sit down when you can, plan small downtimes to rest, and get help from others.

YES, you are a superwoman ... we are all but you will be surrounded by many caring hands that will be happy to help you during the day and before the wedding. Accept this help.

Book your Ideal Location
Planning a party should be a relatively easy task for a wedding. However, there are some factors to consider when finding a good location, such as one that provides you convenience for when you may need to sit more often or use the restroom.


So much of what you do depends on how the baby is, and you just don't know until the child arrives!

If you move forward, plan as much as possible when you are pregnant, but do not leave invitations to the last minute.

Stick to your wishes, even if someone is trying to persuade you to do something else because you are pregnant. Now raise your feet, rehydrate and relax knowing that you are going to have the elegant, personal wedding of your dream, soon to be made all the more exciting by the arrival of your bundle of joy. 

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