How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip Honeymoon

For many newlyweds, a road trip honeymoon is a more affordable and enjoyable alternative to a fancy trip abroad. Like any honeymoon, thought, a great road trip after your wedding takes some planning. Here are four steps that will allow you to plan the perfect road trip honeymoon for you and your spouse.

Make Sure Your Car Is in Good Shape

Before anything else, you need to make sure your car is ready for the trip. Check the oil, replace old tires and make sure the belts and hoses are in good condition. You might also want to consider investing in a car detailing service, such as Car Toys, since you'll likely end up taking lots of pictures with your car in the background along the way.

Plan Your Basic Route

The first step in planning out your trip is to decide where you're going. Decide on a destination, then pick out a few major cities or points of interest you want to hit along the way. This will let you decide on the basic path you'll take on your road trip. Although you shouldn't be too worried about time, it's also a good idea to come up with at least a basic itinerary of when you'll arrive at specific points.

Find Out of the Way Attractions Along Your Route

In between major points of interest, there will be any number of small attractions. From small museums to interesting parks, the open road is filled with options. Try to find points to stop off in between the cities you're visiting. This will not only make your trip more exciting but also give you plenty of chances to stretch your legs on longer parts of the trip.

Try to Arrange Premium Accommodations at Your Destination

When you get to the end point on your trip, try to have a reservation at the best hotel or Airbnb you can find. This is still your honeymoon, after all. While you can keep costs under control by staying at less expensive motels while you're on the road, you should splurge a bit more when you reach the final place you're going. Make the trip end on a high note, and you and your spouse will have wonderful memories of it for the rest of your lives.

While your road trip honeymoon will be a totally unique experience, these four basic planning steps will help you map it out. Now, all you have to do is decide on where you want to go!

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