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How to Style That Perfect Wedding Gown?

Have you ever been to a designer wedding salon? You go there, pick a beautiful wedding gown and then the stylist goes over to her amazing cabinet of accessories and picks out a few expensive accessories for you that are mostly covered with pearls or crystals, and that is how you are transformed into a perfect bride. In real life, if you are not consulting any stylist or designer so things can get a little complicated.

Well, here is the deal: I have some fantastic tips for you to style that perfect wedding gown.

Choose The Neckline Wisely

The neckline of your wedding gown is the most important thing; it can quickly make or break your entire look. There are many necklines that are trending these days. If you like showing those contoured collar bones, you can go for a strapless or plunging neckline. To carry the amazing strapless gown or a plunging neckline, you just need to know the wing bra trick. And voila! You’re good to go!

Know The Veils

The veil is considered an iconic accessory for the brides. From the cathedral veil to mantilla, you will find a lot of options to choose from. Just make sure that your veil matches the color of your gown. Also, be mindful when you are looking for a veil if your wedding gown is heavy, go for a lighter veil. And if your wedding gown is simple, choose the veil that is slightly heavier to make the dress prominent. Other than that, consider your body type when choosing the veil. If you are petite already, the long veil will elongate your frame more. If you are tall, you should stick with an elbow-length veil as it will cut you in half visually.

Match Your Jewelry

Matching the metals is a must when you’re styling a wedding gown. If you are wearing pure white or something in the shades of gray, you can go for silver jewelry as it won’t clash with the color of your outfit. On the other hand, if you choose to wear ivory or any shade of beige, the best option is gold. Gold will highlight the creaminess of ivory making it look exotic.

In the case, your wedding gown is embellished already with some beads or colorful threadwork. Let the embellishment dictate the metal shade you’re going to wear.

Less Is More!

Last but not the least, something that you must remember is that ‘less is more.’ Do not over accessorize your wedding dress or you may end up looking like a French pastry on your wedding day. You don’t need a heavily embellished dress, a tiara, a necklace and a veil altogether. Accessories can make you look prettier but over-accessorizing the dress should not be an option. So keep it minimal and chic.

About the Author:

Jennifer Smith is a fashion student based in Italy. She spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. She regularly shares her ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You check it out at

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Comment by Stephen Davison on July 21, 2018 at 5:30am

It is very important to choose the perfect wedding gown as it will add more value to the wedding bride. However, the style the wedding gown also makes sense when it comes to the matter of the wedding because the perfect style attracts people easily. 

I agree with all the tips explained in the post.

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