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How To Style Up Your French Cuffs Without a Tie

Can you rock your French cuff dress shirts without using a tie? Now that’s a question most men have been asking. The answer? A definite yes. Whether you are going to work on a typical Monday morning, or going out with your buddies on a Friday night, you can certainly forgo the tie when wearing shirts with French cuffs.

A French cuff dress shirt could actually be worn in the same way as a barrel cuff dress shirt, as it basically follows the same rules. Cufflinks are simply just an opportunity for a man to style up his outfit, and some men also use them as a signature look.

How to wear your French cuffs

When choosing the right dress shirt, you must find one that fits you perfectly. If you are not used to wearing cufflinks at all, then don’t overdo it. Start with a simple yet stylish pair of cufflinks, and grow your collection from there. If you’re already used to styling your French cuffs with cufflinks, then be careful not to choose one that would overpower your look. Experiment with different patterns, colours, and materials and find a certain style that blend well with your wardrobe.

Your goal should be finding a balance. If you’re sporting a colourful shirt, don’t pair it up with loud and flashy cufflinks. If you’re going for a crisp, white shirt— dress it up with some decently detailed cufflinks to draw the attention.

Pro Tip: Make sure your dress shirt fits you well. Having a French cuff shirt is really great, as it adds in a stylish detail to your look— but there’s nothing worse than a poorly tailored shirt to go with it. Having a loose-fitting dress shirt with baggy sleeves is not really flattering.

Choosing the right pair of cufflinks

If you’re going to wear a suit, opt for high-end metals such as rose gold, silver, and gold. Not wearing a tie should not mean you also have to skip the rest of the details. For a business casual work attire, choose pair of lower end metal cufflinks (like stainless steel or sterling silver) and always keep a pair of silk knots for a casual weekend look.

When choosing silk knot cufflinks, think about which colours would complement your look. This provides you the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour details, and you can also wear them with your casual button down shirts.

You can also rock your French cuffs, by wearing your very own Bespoke Cufflinks. Sporting a personalized accessory can definitely boost your style game! It also adds a certain custom feel to your outfit, so why not give it a try?

We want cufflinks to get the attention they deserve which is where Cufflinks Gift Hub got created. We take personalization to a new level and offer unique men’ accessories that only we can provide. We take customer satisfaction seriously as we know the little things we do make all the difference.

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