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How to Truly Cater to Your Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is a truly magical occasion that you’ll want to remember forever. It celebrates the union of you and your new spouse and can also be used to signify the love you have for your friends and family. Your wedding reception is the perfect time to bring people together with music, meals, and merriment. Here are four tips on how to truly cater to your guests at your wedding reception.

Choose Quality Music

Here’s something scary, imagine a wedding reception with no music. You need to have some music playing to keep people lively. Whether you hire a DJ or a live band, you should find the best act possible. You want to hire an act that will get people moving on the dance floor. See what kinds of songs are most requested at weddings. You should have a good mix of fun, groovy songs and slower ones.

Have an Open Bar

An open bar is a terrific way to add to the festivities of any occasion. For drinkers of age, you can help them loosen up. Hired an experienced bartender who can make a variety of cocktails. You should also make sure to have designated drivers and the number of a good taxi service. The bartender should also know when to cut someone off.

Have a Varied Menu

Not every guest will be able to eat the same thing. Some will have restrictions based on religion, allergies, or ethics. While you might not be able to cover all the bases in one dish, you can give everyone options. When sending invitations, have them list any dietary restrictions. You should also hire a catering service that is experienced with different palates and restrictions.

Give Back

A wedding can’t be a wedding without guests. A token of gratitude towards your guests can truly show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be anything terrible elaborate either. It can be something like a gourmet bag of nuts or chocolates. You should also send a note of thanks to any guests. An in-person thanking is sure to be appreciated as well.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to truly cater to your guests at your wedding reception. When you plan your wedding, you want to be planning it for everyone, not just you and your spouse. By giving your guests a wonderful experience at your reception, you can spread the positive memories even further.

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