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For many, the work of the wedding manager and the wedding agency remains a mystery. In this article I will try to tell you in as much detail as we work.

Each our meeting with the customer lasts about an hour. You choose the time convenient for you on weekdays. For our clients who are in other cities or countries, we hold meetings via Skype. There is a sequence of actions that is necessary for the proper organization of the wedding. So:

  1. Choosing a restaurant.

We have a presentation for you for 30-40 minutes, where all the restaurants of the city are suitable for weddings, from cheap to the most expensive. We call you real prices, based on practice. Honestly talking about the pros and cons of each of the restaurants. You will only need to select for yourself a few liked. After that, our employee together with you will go to these restaurants and on the spot will show and tell how your wedding can take place in this restaurant. And closer to the wedding, in 3–4 weeks, we will help you create a menu and do not let you cheat.

  1. Select a lead.

You come to us and we give you a presentation for 30-40 minutes, where all the leaders of Odessa are reflected. The presentation includes photos and video materials of each of them. We give a brief description of each. When you allocate 3-4 people, we will arrange for you to meet with them. At a personal meeting, you can ask all the questions of interest and bargain))) Having stopped the choice on one of them, you will need to give him an advance payment in order to book the date and we will proceed with you to the next item. For non-resident clients, we organize meetings with leading via skype.

  1. Choice of Photos, Videos, cars, musicians

The choice of photos, videos, cars and musicians occurs by analogy with the leading ones. presentation and a series of personal meetings. In presentations, we must point out that it is worth paying attention to not get into an unpleasant situation.

  1. Scheme of the day.

We make for you the scheme of the day, where all the events of the wedding day are reflected in order to have everything in time and not to take the time. This avoids fuss and keeps the nervous system in order.

  1. Banquet scheme

I basically do not call it a script. I am deeply convinced that the host at a wedding in Odessa should improvise. But improvise in the framework of the scheme drawn up with the participation of the wedding manager and the newlyweds. Surprises should not be!

  1. Accompanying the wedding day

From the morning until the last guest with you is the wedding manager, who takes care of all current problems and challenges. And you are given the opportunity to enjoy the moment that will never happen again.

  1. Preparation

The duties of the wedding manager also include the control of all involved persons. Two days before the wedding, your wedding manager calls all vendors around (photos, videos, presenters, musicians, etc.) and tells you where and how much they need to be. On the wedding day, one hour before the appointed time, he calls again to make sure that everything is according to plan. If something is wrong, the experience and level of training of our employees allows us to make a replacement in the shortest possible time and not lose quality.

To enjoy the moment and not think about anything, entrust the organization of the wedding to professionals and we will make a little fairy tale for you.

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