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When I look back at my own wedding which was over 20 years ago, I often say "what was I thinking choosing pink and royal blue colors".  I guess at the time they may have been the color of choice but today I would do everything differently.


As an event planner for over 15 years in Canada, I have had the great pleasure of working with thousands of brides and their families.   I have seen so much in style, themes, and traditions that have changed over the years.  It has been amazing to watch all the new trends and styles that come and go.  Who would have ever thought that a wedding dress would be any other color than white?  Brides and groomsmen wearing converse running shoes and flip flops?  Boy, have times changed.


So many of us still love tradition but it is nice to see how each individual couple has their own thoughts and ideas for their special day.  Really, isn't that what it's all about anyways?  What right for one may not be right for the other but in the end it is what the bride and groom choose.


In December of 2010 I finally decided to design a wedding blog so I could share all my ideas, thoughts, stories with other brides and vendors.  I created my own facebook fan page and love it!  I found a web site called "Bridal Tweet" which I immediately signed up for and glad I did. What a great way to get new and refreshing ideas from other couples and vendors.   It's been a wonderful resource full of information   I really enjoy the discussion forums, facebook fan page and the vendor's link.  In addition I love receiving various updates on how to improve your site, your blog, and your fan base.


I do not personally know Christine Dyer who created this site but certainly appeciate what she has done by allowing so many vendors to have a chance to network with each other.   I certainly hope the bridal tweet followers continues to grow.






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