Important Things To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Being one of the most important details of your wedding day, your wedding venue is what you will also probably spend quite a chunk of your wedding budget on. Knowing what you should ask and what to expect from your venue will ensure your wedding day is everything you have hoped for. While hotels are still the most popular choice as wedding venes, more wedding couples are looking for unusual venues. More planning and organising can sometimes be needed if decide not to choose the traditional hotel, but it will all be worth it when your big day turns out to be a major success!

Some things you should ask your wedding venue before making a final decision:

Do they have a wedding coordinator? Will she/he be there on the wedding day?
Many venues have their own wedding coordinator or events planner that will be your go to person in the planning process and run up to the wedding. You should ask for a list of his/her responsibilities and confirmation that they will be there on the day before you sign any contract. If your ideal venue doesn’t have their own coordinator, don’t panic! Perhaps consider hiring a wedding planner even just for the wedding day, you won’t have to worry about things running smoothly as the planner will take care of any loose ends.

Will there be a hosted bar, a cash bar, or a combo?
This is something that you and your groom should decide on depending on your wedding budget. For example maybe the first round will be free and then everyone pays for their own drinks. Make definite arrangements about this with your venue before the day to avoid any confusion.

What’s the corkage fee if I bring my own wine?
Bringing your own wine could save quite a bit on your budget! Wedding venues charge a fee usually between €10 - €20, but don’t be afraid to haggle and strike a deal depending on how many bottles you are planning to bring!

At what time will my guests have to leave the venue?
Have the time the reception will have to end written on the contract, this will allow you to plan the day more easily. Some venues will charge extra for a bar extension, while this will be included in others. Make sure this is clearly stated.

Are there any additional costs?
Are there any unexpected charges that you may have to pay for? Are you expected to pay for security, cleaning fees, insurance? Make sure everything is stated in writing so hidden charges cannot appear later on..

How early can I get into the site to set up?
If you are choosing an alternative wedding venue such as a museum, theater or stadium this is something you will need to find out. They might not be able to allow you to set up until after their public opening hours. Will this give you enough time to put the preparations and final touches into place?

How many weddings will be booked on the day?
While most wedding venues pride themselves on only booking one wedding per day to ensure you have their utmost attention, some larger venues have multiple function rooms and may book more than one wedding or event. This is something you must ensure to ask, you don’t want another bride stealing some of your limelight!

This guest blog post was written by Levi Moriarty, Online Editor at, the wedding venue website which allows you to search for wedding availability by date.

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