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Is It a Waste of Owning Your Own Wedding Dress?

I think it is the most important question or the first question comes to you when mentioned a wedding or wedding dress. Sometimes, even you are rich enough, preparing a wedding have already cost much. Then still the question will come to you. Then will you choose to rent or buy the wedding dress?


It is common that the traditional wedding requires the bride to wear an all white princess-like bridal gown. Believe it or not most brides’ gives special attention to their dress on her most special day of her life that’s why sometimes looking out and scouting for a bridal gown is the hardest decision to make or choose the right one for her. And we cannot blame them because we all grown up to admire all brides that can take our attention once they walk on the aisle. Not to mention the influence of past weddings, media, social network and published works that emphasize mostly the brides as the center of attraction in the event. But the question is will you settle for a rent or buy your own bridal gown?




There’s nothing wrong with renting. One of my friends choose to rent a pretty amazing designer wedding dress. She has said to me “The bridal dress can be rented so why not opt one. I will just wear that once, and also I knew that shops often update their collection to attract customers”. Yes, she is right in the rational way. All of us do not like to throw away things often just because it will only eat up dust in the house. However, in my deep heart I still keep the idea that I want own my wedding dress because of the importance of the wedding.


Buying your own Bridal Dress?


Normally when you ask someone if you should buy one, you might get the answer like “if you had a budget for your bridal gown then you are free to buy it, and that you need to find a way to restore it properly after you have use it so that you can handed it over to your successor”. Yes, all these words seem to agree with you. But in fact, they mean owning your bridal is a waste of money or even the room of your wardrobe.


Buying can assure that the design is only meant for you and you don’t need to worry to accidentally torn out your dress during the reception. Some couples that use beach as the venue can make use the dress until it was toss down on the water during post pictorial which can give a very entertaining results in their wedding album.


Besides, wedding dresses can be cheap as renting one online. All the dresses there are sold with great discounts but still in great quality. Bridal gowns there are affordable just because online shopping means no rent fee and no decoration charge.


You might have your own idea of renting or buying a wedding dress. Tell me in the comments. 

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