You are getting married – you should be happy, excited and looking forward to your big day; however, the stress of your big day is causing more harm than good.

To ensure your wedding planning is as stress free as possible; take a look at the following:

1. Invest in a Wedding Coordinator! – Having a professional on hand is a sure fire way to lower your stress level. Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of everything for you.

2. Take time for yourself - Just like anything in life, you need a break, time to clear your head and focus on yourself. Don’t worry, everything will get done.

3. Avoid caffeine – Stimulates raise your heart beat, blood pressure, and stress level!

4. Don’t forget to ask for help – Although every woman knows they can do it themselves (and we can), ask for help, it’s not everyday you plan a party for hundreds of people.

5. Don’t ask for everyone else opinion – It’s natural to want to please everybody you love, but once you ask for everyone’s opinion, you will feel as if you have to do what they want, and in most cases, everyone thinks something different. Since you can’t please everyone, do what you want.

6. Don’t forget the big “O” – Organization is key. Create a checklist, timeline or set up alarms in your email to remind you tasks that need completing. Lists will help keep you on track, and the stress of worrying you missed something, will go away.

7. Research – Stress is often caused by the unknown. If you know what you want, or know what you need to know, you will feel more confident in your decisions.

8. Budget Accordingly – Keeping your dollars and cents in line while planning your big day will help keep you and your fiancé calm. Finances are the number one cause of all relationship arguments.

9. Take Your Time – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your wedding won’t be planned in a day. These things take time, and are meant to be enjoyed.

10. Don’t forget what all this work is for. You’re getting married. To the greatest person in the world. Smile, this should be the greatest time in your life.

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