The St. Royals started as a single band, performing at corporate events and weddings in Toronto. We found our niche and developed our sound, and soon we had more performance requests than we could handle, with different clients asking for bookings on the same day. Since we can't be in two places at once, we did the next best thing - we cloned the St. Royals. We split our members into two bands, and worked hard to standardize our repertoire, our instrumentation, and our sound. We played twice as many amazing events, our clients were thrilled, and our word-of-mouth reach became even larger.  With more requests pouring in for more events, we knew it was time to create another St. Royals band. Now there are three live bands who bear the St. Royals name, and they each deliver the same outstanding live music experience.

We get asked a lot which of the St. Royals bands is "the BEST band." And honestly, there's almost no difference among the three. All three of our event bands play the same songs, all three bands have the same instrumentation and sound, and all three bands are filled with extremely talented musicians who will provide the vibe to make your event a huge success and get your dance party started.  When you book the St. Royals, you are booking a luxury entertainment experience, and that's true regardless of the faces on stage. We build each band from the rhythm section up - the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and lead vocalist form the core of each band, and they stick together. Other instrumentalists may move between bands when the need arises, but each band practices together and develops a "gel factor," so the core of each group stays the same. 

Why do we do this? Basically it's so that we can share our unique vibe with as many people as possible!  Because there are so many of us, and our sound is consistent across all the bands, we're able to provide you with the St. Royals experience for your event, even if we've already have one or two bookings for events on the same day. This happens often with weddings, since they're usually on weekends and there are only so many nice weekends in the year around Toronto and Ontario. Our structure also gives us a roster advantage with built-in buffer room, in case one of our musicians is sick or has planned a vacation - there's always someone to fill in who knows the music and whose ability is up to our exacting standards. 

So how do we choose which band goes to which event? We try, first and foremost, to honour the requests of our client. Potential clients who attend one of our free live showcases at the Drake Hotel often develop a rapport with the singer who is performing that night. We do our best to make sure that that singer's band is the one who appears at the client's event. Occasionally this won't be possible because of a previous scheduling for that ensemble, in which case another of our bands steps in and the client is still ensured the St. Royals experience. Lots of other live event and wedding bands have multiple groups, but usually they're split into an "A" band who takes the biggest events  and a "B" band who fills in the gaps. The St. Royals is made up of three "A" bands,  so no matter which faces take the stage at your event, you can rest assured that your event or wedding will always get "the BEST band."



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