Beautiful and Affordable Rhinestone Jewelry for Every Occasion

Quality rhinestone is durable, yet fragile and delicate.  However, if you take good care of your rhinestone jewelry, it will stay beautiful for years to come.

Light, dust, humidity, cosmetics and water can be damaging and eventually lead to deterioration of your jewelry.  It is best to keep your rhinestone jewelry in a soft, zipped-up pouch to protect it from corrosive elements.  Don't have a jewelry pouch?? Not to worry, a ziplock air-tight baggie will do the trick.  Store your rhinestones in a cool, dark and dry place.

To clean, all you will need is a standard jewelry polishing cloth.  GENTLY rub your jewelry to remove any dirt or make-up.  Be very careful not to snag the cloth on any of the prongs securing the rhinestones to prevent them from "popping" out.


It is recommended that you never get your rhinestone jewelry wet, since water can cause the foils attached to the back of the rhinestones to separate from the crystals.  Some jewelry cleaning solutions that claim they are safe for costume jewelry may be used if jewelry is excessively dirty (but I do not recommend this).  Apply carefully with a cotton swab.  Never spray any cleaning solution directly on the rhinestones or soak in water or any solution.


After cleaning your rhinestone jewelry, it is suggested you gently pat with a soft, clean cloth and allow to air dry.


As we all know, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but quality rhinestone jewelry is an affordable alternative.  These tips are brought to you by White Hot Rhinestones. 



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