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Leave It to the Professionals: 5 Wedding Pieces You Shouldn’t DIY

When it comes to putting your wedding together, there are certain aspects you can do yourself — like putting a playlist together or decorating the venue. But on the other hand, there are some parts of your ceremony that you should leave to the professionals. Continue reading to learn more about the top wedding aspects you should avoid doing on your own.


You want your wedding pictures to last a lifetime, so that you can frame and hang them or share them with your children. You deserve more than just an iPhone picture on your wedding day, so make sure you book a quality photographer in your area. Wedding photographers help capture your perfect day using top of the line equipment. You won’t have to worry about blurry photos and can post crystal clear images to your social media feeds while on your honeymoon. Some wedding photographers even have second shooters, so none of your perfect day goes uncaptured.


A florist can style gorgeous floral arrangements for the wedding party, ceremony, and reception. Not only do they have a strong eye for design, but they know exactly what’s in the season and how to keep flowers from wilting too quickly. Additionally, flowers can get messy if you’re not working with the right blooms. You don’t want to get pollen on your nice clothes, so try to avoid these mishaps altogether and work with a florist.


After the ceremony is said and done, everyone is hungry and expects a warm meal during the reception. But if you prepared the food yourself, it will have gotten cold or even soggy overnight. A caterer will give you a menu of options to choose from, so you and your guests will have plenty of options. While you’re busy getting ready for your wedding, caterers will transport the food themselves and serve it fresh. One of the most memorable parts of any wedding is the food, so take the time to find the perfect caterer to provide a top-notch meal. They’ll also handle the cleanup, so you and your new spouse can have an easy get away without having to worry about it.


These days, the wedding cake is practically a work of art. Most everyone has made a cake at some point, so it’s easy to say that you or a family member will make the cake. However, a wedding cake is a much different beast than your usual birthday cake. Bakeries have the ovens and equipment to create a large cake that can feed hundreds of people. The fondant, frosting, and added decorations will also look clean and professional. Additionally, you’ll also find storage and transport rather difficult if you choose to bake your cake yourself.


If you choose to serve liquor and wine at your wedding, hire a bartender. This will save on the mess that guests might make and will allow all your family, friends, and guests enjoy the party rather than minding the drinks. Bartenders can mix a variety of specialty drinks for your guests, but will also serve the basics. Plus, you can actually save money with a bartender since you won’t have to stock up your own liquor collection. They already have a collection of fine spirits and wines.

Your wedding is such a special day. You want it to go perfectly, so it’s no wonder you want to be involved in every way you can. But these projects are incredibly hands-on. You shouldn’t have to stress about every detail during this exciting time. Instead, hire professionals in their respective fields, and you’ll be able to stop and smell the roses—literally.

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