If you were to ask couples what's the best way for maintaining a passion-filled marriage it comes as no surprise to find that a lot them believe that passion alone is the answer. They seem not to understand the need to balance out the emotional aspect of a marriage with the physical aspect of it.

You can't expect any spouse to have passion for his mate all the time, however, if couples focus on the way they feel about each other in general it will be much easier to maintain the passion.

Many people think of marriage as being a state where two people who fall in love, care about each other, and will live out their lives together until death do them part. This is the ideal situation of course but there are some marriages where the couple has gotten married for other reasons, and sometimes the wrong reasons.

In these types of marriages there is often very little contact and sincere communication between the couple. This often results in a sexless marriage. The key to maintaining a passion-filled marriage is totally honest with each other. Most couples will find that the desire for sex will comes and go but in order to be successful they must consider the things that they do both in and out of the bedroom.

Men and women must accept the fact that relationships change over time as our children take center stage in our lives and daily household responsibilities overwhelm us. In many cases romance will give way to irritation and arguments. Here are some of the common reasons passion is lost in a marriage:

- couples stop listening to each other
- they begin acting like roommates instead of
  lovers and partners
- each spouse complain about stress at work
  and home instead of positive things
- couples stop seeing and commenting on what
   they appreciate about their spouse
- One or the other has given up their
   interests and passions so their lives become
   all work and therefore no fun

When it comes to maintaining a passion-filled marriage, you will find that there are so many things that you can do to rekindle and maintain that passion. One of the things you can do is to set a date night where you take the time to pay attention to each other.

The best way for a couple to turn a sexless marriage into a fulfilling marriage is to consistently work on ways to be alone with each other. During these times both spouses must learn to relax and leave the day's stresses behind.

Here are some other things each spouse can do to start turning things around:

- Remind yourself of why you fell in love and
  married your mate
- Stop feeling the need to argue and defend
- Identify at least one thing a day to
  complement your spouse on
- touch your spouse everyday...start with their
  hand or back and shoulder
- bring the humor back into your relationship,
   earn to laugh at yourself

Some marriage counselors will view differences in spouses as insurmountable, however, each partner in the marriage must believe that people and relationships can and do change for the better.

Your marriage is worth working on and you must be willing to do everything that you can to maintain your passion-filled marriage. Keep your relationship open and honest so that you both can trust each other and lean on each other for support.

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