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Marriage Whisper...What are you thinking?

This week I am talking to those of you who are thinking about marrying someone who mistreats you.

Now you are whispering to yourself and others about it, hello red flag! Why on earth
would you marry someone who mistreats you, someone who yells at you, or
is just plain rude? What are you thinking ladies and gentlemen? Let me
be the first to tell you that just because you say “I do”, “it doesn’t”
it doesn’t and won’t change. Correction, yes it does, it gets worse!
So, don’t do it…if this is the case in your current relationship, walk
away before it is too late. You deserve better than what you are
getting. Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t deserve to be treated this
way. Have more love, confidence and respect for yourself and who you
are and were created to be. Don’t settle for less than the best God has
for you. Marriage is a serious lifelong commitment, so let your
married life begin in peace, harmony and respect.

Until I hear you whispering…

Here’s to your marriage, because Marriage Matters More!

Dr. Kim

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