“Mistakes Grooms make that can Ruin a Bride’s Big Day, and How to Avoid Them”

Forgetting a breath mint right before you first kiss as husband and wife! Your sense of smell is the only sense hardwired directly to the part of your brain that stores memories. Don’t let the onions on the Whopper you choked down 30 minutes before the ceremony be how she remembers the most important kiss of your lives! And pick a flavor she likes! Have the best man slip you a mint 5 minutes before the kiss! And beware of Tic Tacs! Great product but they make a lot of noise when you have a box of them in your pants pocket while you walk! You don’t want that showing up on your wedding video!

Overdoing the Bachelor Party thing. She’s got enough to worry about without your wild friend Dave taking you for one last 90 mph blast through the apartment complex on the back of his motorcycle. It is really tragic to say this, but in 100,000 weddings, we’ve seen nearly 100 NOT happen because of a death, serious injury or just really foolish things done at the bachelor party!

Getting TOO drunk at the reception. This is a once in a lifetime day. Be there to enjoy it 100%, in body, mind and spirit. Yes, all your old college buddies will there with you, but Priority Number One will be that new bride standing right next to you!

Forgetting the rings! Unbelievable, but we’ve seen it happen over 100 times. Check, double check and triple check that you HAVE the rings! Most common mistake: remembering to bring them, but leaving them in the car!

Saying “Whatever you want honey!” She wants you to be agreeable, but she also wants you to LISTEN and AFFIRM her choices, especially about the details, not to act like you don’t care one way or another!

Underestimating the stress of the day on both of you. Get a good night’s sleep, eat right, and drink plenty of water. “Be at your best, and you won’t be stressed.” As they say.

Letting her handle everything. Maybe she would like you to volunteer to handle some of the vendors, like the limo company, since most men like cars. Ask her, then LISTEN!

Leaving your mother in law out of the plans. For many women the only thing more exciting than planning their own wedding, is helping their “little girl” plan theirs! Respect this! Chock it up to being “a girl thing” but let them have their fun!

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