Monopolize the market with Cali pre-roll packaging:

We know the perks of using cannabis in daily life as a medication. Also, it’s legal due to its health-healing ability and medical benefits. Such businesses are getting more popular day by day. Almost every medical company is introducing marijuana pre-rolls because it is a versatile intake method. At that time, standard and straightforward packaging can’t urge others to pre roll boxes from you. It would help if you customized your packing to impress this brand-conscious community. Otherwise, stop assuming your brand is on top ranking against the enemies.

Five steps to corner other customs pre-roll blunt boxes from others:

  • Select stiff material to preserve pre-roll blunts:
As marijuana blunts are rolled with delicate tobacco leaves wrapped. It needs extra protection to pack. Otherwise, air moisture can create dampness and affect tobacco freshness. It’s crucial to keep the pre roll joint box away from water because it can cause the breakdown of the blunt. You can cover it in our rigid cardboard material-made boxes, which resist moisture and bacterium. It also protects the delicate pre-roll blunts from bending and breaking while dispatching. We case it according to the shape of the blunt, which prevents it from striking due to extra space inside the box.
  • Use custom foam partitions to protect the pre-roll blunts edges:
Finding a rigid custom box to pack pre-roll blunts is not enough. A bit of movement inside the box can damage the leaf’s wraps. Also, marijuana texture can spill out from the edges, which can ruin the whole roll. It’s a money waste for the buyers and can destroy your company’s image. You can protect the delicate tobacco role with custom cardboard and foam inserts which 
  • Keeps the pre-roll blunts immobile and stuck inside while the shipment
  • Secures the tobacco leaf wraps edges
  • It saves your and your customers’ money
  • Protects the delicate blunts from bending and striking

Design the upper surface transparent for Pre-roll blunt packaging:

Due to its specifications and perks, we know you have decided to use our custom foam inserts inside the box. But it is a question of how you will show it in the shop for a different impression when the package is closed. Use a die-cut window If you want the custom to attract your custom pre-roll packaging. Also, you can write your brand name on the window with semi-gloss and matte coatings. It looks so attractive and impressive for the pre-roll boxes.
  •  Detailed descriptions on the back side of the custom pre-roll blunt box:
You can write ingredients and precautions on the back side of the box with colourful graphics. Like you can write the expiry date of the pre-roll blunts, which can help buyers to buy fresh products. It also helps them to save from expiry effects. Also, we have matte and gloss laminations to make the descriptions easy to read. 
  • Premier designs with alluring PMS and CMYK colour schemes:
The most crucial phase is selecting trendy and funky colour schemes for the custom pre-roll boxes. We have outstanding and reliable PMS and CMYK colour schemes which boost the graphics and the catalogues. Also, we have countless outlining and crafting display rooms for the ideal design. You can choose your favourite shade and representation without restraint.

Exceptional ADD-ONS for custom pre-roll blunts:

You can never give an upscale look to the pre-roll blunts packaging without extra padding. How is it possible when it’s a smoker’s box but has no shine? Your ideal custom pre-roll blunt box is dull without spark and glam. You can use silver and gold foiling for the premier packaging. More than that, you can give extra glam and detail to the logo and title of the box with spot UV. We can combine the two options with our superior embossing and debossing options, which gives the standard and class you want to show off for the desired custom box.

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