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Happy Friday everyone! I have a great one to leave you with this week. Barefoot in the park, mismatched incredibly cute bridesmaid dresses, lace gloves and unforgettable DIY elements made me fall for this perfectly shot wedding by Wildflowers Photography. Hoping this brings you some inspiration for your weekend wedding planning!

mostbeautiful1.jpgmostbeautiful2.jpgmostbeautiful3.jpgmostbeautiful4.jpgmostbeautiful5.jpgmostbeautiful6.jpgmostbeautiful7.jpgmostbeautiful8.jpgmostbeautiful9.jpgmostbeautiful10.jpgmostbeautiful11.jpgmostbeautiful12.jpgmostbeautiful13.jpgmostbeautiful14.jpgmostbeautiful15.jpgImages by Wildflowers Photography

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