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You and your partner have decided to take the plunge and move in together.

By now you have probably realized that it is much more than just taking your things to a new place - like finding new excavations, sorting your things, deciding what is left and what is going on, talking about money and how much you can both afford and if you are mentally ready to share a room with each other around the clock.

The good news is that with a little compromise and guide, you can find out how you can always live happily ever after.

Money Matters

Marriage means merging into one person, which usually means that bank accounts also merge into one person. Some couples choose to still have separate bank accounts, but everyone has to decide for themselves.

You have to decide how to control your finances and discuss them in detail. One thing that you both need to consider is the amount of debt that you bring into the marriage. That applies to both of you now.

Debt can affect both your finances and your marriage. Talk about your spending habits and how to use the money you receive against the money you spend.

Take a close look at all of your things

With so much movement, it's about the stuff in our lives. You’ll likely have some things you each own (such as spatulas and coffee tables) and other things you no longer have a need for.

Then there are the big things like dressers and sofas that may not fit in the new place. Now is the time to take a look at the things in both apartments and find out what you have, what you keep and what you sell, donate or throw before you move.

Decide together what you want to keep, throw or donate

Remember, everything you keep increases the cost of your move and the number of square meters you need in your new place. If you hire moving companies, the price depends on the weight. The heavier the load, the more expensive the move will be.

If you want to try selling used items, start the process as early as possible to increase the likelihood that the item will be sold before moving. You may want to get modern garage professionals to help you with this part of moving.

Deco compromise

Household decor can be a big struggle since we all have our own decorating preferences. You may have the best taste when it comes to household decorations, but remember to share some of the decorations with your spouse as well.

He or she may like your use of artificial plants and vintage mason jars as much as you like your sports memorabilia and antiquities. If you just can't stand to see your spouse's decor in one of the main rooms, you can decorate him for free in a guest room or office.

Enjoy each other’s company

One of the most important things to enjoy in your new marriage and with your new partner is fun! Your spouse may enjoy hours of car shows while you love your sitcoms. That's all right, just split the time and watch your shows together. Find out what weird, fun things you can do together in your new home together as a couple.

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