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In modern times, pre-rolls have become the most consumed cannabis items. Custom-printed pre-roll boxes are the best option to give secure storage and an elegant look to your delicate joint pre-rolls. We offer a comprehensive collection of pre-rolls packaging designs that are child-proof and durable enough to tolerate harsh weather conditions and travelling shocks.

Blank Pre-Roll Boxes: Pre-Requisite for Your Cannabis Business:

The cannabis industry is achieving colossal success due to the massive use of CBD products. That's why the rivalry between brands is intensifying over time. Each brand is hoping to lead the market. We at iCustomBoxes are at your service to transform dreams into reality. You can upgrade your brand and improve its sales by packaging items in our tailor-made boxes. So, please hurry up and grasp us to get the popularity.

Significant Advantages of Custom Pre-Roll Joint Boxes:

Custom-made boxes are of great use. Regarding the custom pre roll boxes, it is advantageous for your business in the following ways such as:

  • You can make the box aesthetically appealing with innovative designs and prints. Ultimately, it will tempt onlookers at first glance toward your brand's products.
  • Customized boxes are sustainable and safe for the planet's health. Besides this, you can create awareness among the public regarding global warming with eco-friendly pre-roll packaging. 
  • They aim to secure the delicate pre-rolls from getting moist and enhance their shelf lives. Our custom cardboard boxes keep rolls intact and retain their flavour for longer.
  • Additionally, they are the best promotional tool for effectively marketing brand items. The brand's exclusive printed designs and logo can stand out your pre-rolls in the crowd.

What Types of Boxes are Available for Pre-Roll Packaging at ICB?

Our packaging creators are competent enough to construct any box. You must do a favour of conveying the exact product's specifications. After that, they will astonish you with their expertise. Anyhow, we produce the following types of custom pre-roll joint boxes: 

  • tray and sleeve packaging
  • pre-roll display boxes 
  • pre-roll joint cigarette box

Mainly, on customers' demands and for pre-rolls security, we add inserts in the tray in sleeve packaging. Using cardboard and foam inserts in the box keeps roll buds segregated and prevents them from colliding with each other. Feel free to inform us about your basic ideas immediately so we can give them practical shape. 

Selection of Suitable Packaging Material for Pre-Rolls:

Material selection becomes critical as the whole manufacturing process relies on it. For blank pre-roll packaging, kraft and cardboard material are the best choices. Kraft is an optimal choice due to its eco-friendly and strong nature. Besides this, it is recyclable, and you can also decompose the packaging.  The cardboard is flexible and the best choice if you design the box into alluring prints and shapes.

Captivate a Large Number of Clients with Top-Notch Prints:

To add more charm and grace to the packaging, you can go inside and outside printing the box. Our printing techniques include the following:

Offset printing method, digital printing method 

Offset, and digital stand opposite to each other but produce outstanding results. However, for colour designs, we have CMYK and PMS colour models. You can go with full or one-colour prints. 

Compliment the Box Packaging with Incredible Additional Features:

We have extensive add-on solutions that make packaging classier and more intriguing. We employ matt and gloss laminations to create resistible and long-lasting packaging. On the other hand, embossing and debossing highlight the logo and printed images and make colours more vibrant and transparent. However, it relies on the customers to elect ones that befit their products accurately.  

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

What distinguishes us from the rest? We are exceptional as we offer our remarkable services at very reasonable prices. Besides this, the critical components of our services are:

  • free of cost shipping worldwide
  • no plates and die-cuts fee 
  • preparation of orders with the quickest turnaround time
  • availability of customer service team around the clock 
  • discount deals on a massive quantity 
  • no hidden charges or fee
  • free design assistance
  • 2D and 3D design mock-ups

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