Outdoor wedding tip #1: SHADE You invited people you love to your wedding: love them and don't make them sit in full sun for a long time.

Outdoor wedding tip #2: SHOES Wear flat/low heeled shoes. Small, high heels sink into grass which can ruin shoes. Change for the reception.

Outdoor wedding tip #3: LISTEN Assess natural noise levels at ceremony site, traffic, fountains, etc. Amplify if needed so guests can hear.

Outdoor wedding tip #4: COMFORT Provide bottled water for guests if it's hot. Keep guests hydrated&comfortable; as they celebrate with you.

Outdoor wedding tip #5 LOCATION Choose a location allowing easy access for guests not be able to navigate a long walk on uneven grass.

Outdoor wedding tip #6: WIND Hire a florist who knows how to secure flowers so they can't blow over&be ruined. Plan ahead & prevent a mess.

Outdoor wedding tip #7: WIND/CANDLES Even with a glass chimney, a slight breeze will extinguish a candle. Consider a sand ceremony instead.

Outdoor wedding tip #8: AISLE RUNNER Find some way to secure the aisle runner to the ground or use rose petals instead.

Outdoor wedding tip #9: Parasol or flowers? Replace your bride's maids flowers with beautiful parasols for a unique effect.

Outdoor wedding tip #10: MUSIC Live music is easier to coordinate than recorded music. Choose instruments that aren't affected by humidity.

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