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Oval Engagement Rings – Your Unique Choice

oval cut diamond engagement rings from GS Diamonds AustraliaUniqueness and originality are in the primary focus of men who are looking for the engagement ring. Indeed, being guided by a desire to make a special and individual gift, they often face multiple limitations.

They should succeed in reaching the impressive effect grounded on the decent size of the diamond, original design, shining effect. All this should be acquired for a reasonable price.

One can say it is impossible to do but we insist on the opposite and offer you more optimistic stand. The oval engagement ring is that case allowing you to get the best and affordable item. There are substantial reasons for this and we are going to reveal them to you.

  1. The oval engagement ring is not as demanding as the rings of traditional forms because they do not fit everybody. Undoubtfully, this factor influences their price, which often is lower than that one the sellers ask for traditional engagement rings.
  2. Oval engagement rings visually appear to be larger than you can expect. Having a greater surface, oval diamond creates an over-sized effect if comparing with the same-sized round diamond. It is considered to be that one carat of the oval diamond seems to be 10 percent bigger than 1 carat of the round gemstone.
  3. The oval ring makes the finger longer and slender. Oval form and over-sized effect create the diversity of illusions. If your beloved belongs to the sonsy kinds of women, an oval engagement ring will be the best decision since its elongated form and visual massiveness will contribute to changing the appearance of her hands
  4. The oval engagement ring has an incredible sparkling effect. Its surface and forms are ground for more number of facets. Consequently, the more facets are the more opportunities for shining.
  5. The majority of oval diamonds has a bow-tie effect. It is related to the special way of light beams’ repulsion inherent merely to the oval form of cutting. It is a well-known fact, but you could not find the confirmation for it in any diamond certificate. Because of this, it is recommended to buy a diamond only after visual expert inspection not considering the certificate only.

So, you see that choosing the oval engagement ring you will not get lost but, vice versa, be able to succeed in surprising your honey with a unique, bright and memorable accessory. Oval forms represent all you need – size, elegance, brilliance, sparkling, opportunity for creativity.

More important that it does not require any economy measure; you can allow more for the same price and without any losses on quality.

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