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Picture Perfect Decorations for a Dream Wedding – 4 Budget Friendly Ideas for You

Are you getting hitched anytime soon? If yes, then you must be quite busy now making all the arrangements for the D-day that you have been waiting for. Everything should be perfect for the celebration of the biggest day of your life. But while you are looking for such perfection, you surely realize that you will have to spend a lot of money. If you are thinking of saving a bit so that in future, life will be easier for you and your spouse, then you are not wrong at all. But the question is how you can save on your wedding. Surely you cannot compromise with the attires, food, and the essential things that are necessary for the ceremony. But there is one place where you can do a lot of saving, the venue, and its decoration.

Are you wondering how that can be possible since all the wedding venues charge sky high during the wedding season? If yes, then narrow down your search for the inexpensive wedding venues Houston TX. You will come up with various results that will prove to be very satisfactory for you. And once you are done with booking such a venue within your budget, use the following decoration ideas to make the place picture perfect for you. Be rest assured, you don’t have to compromise with the look of the venue.

Drape the Ceiling

It is actually amazing to find out what wonders a piece of fabric can do. Yes, instead of investing on the gorgeous chandelier and its rent, go for this simple yet elegant idea. Choose a formal and sophisticated material and shade of the fabric and drape the ceiling in a way that will play wonderfully with the light and make the whole hall look magical. If it is a day wedding or you are looking for something more playful, opting for brighter shades can be your option too.

Hang the Flowers

Are you a born romantic and have always dreamt of a wedding like how they show in the movies? Well, if you are, then flowers can be the right complementing decor item to create a perfect setting for you. But there is a catch. Don’t go for usual flower arrangement on the table or on the wall. That is too mainstream for such a romantic soul. Hang the flowers on the table instead. The lush and quirky arrangement will surely impress your guests by creating such an intimate atmosphere in the wedding.

Colored Glassware

If you are more of a no-nonsense person and want to go for minimal decor that won’t burn a bigger hole in your pocket, then this idea is meant for you. In a completely simple monochromic setting, colored glassware can create some marvelous effect. Ditch the centerpiece on the table and add this chic twist in the decor.

Think of Memories

If you are thinking that the hall is looking too pale without too much of decor items, creating a photo wall can be a great idea for you. We live our life with so many memories. On your wedding, when you and people around you are a little bit emotional, looking back to some cherishable moments and be a brilliant idea. Add a photo wall in your decor. If you are thinking minimum decor will make your reception hall Houston TX pale, then this wall will become the focal point and will conveniently divert all attention.

So, now as you know how to deck up the inexpensive wedding venue and still save a few bucks on your wedding, what are you waiting for? Start your search today! And instruct the photographer to get some stunning shots. You will give some major wedding goals to your Instagram followers for sure.

Author Bio: Mathew Blake is a famous blogger and associated with Inexpensive Wedding Venues Houston TX. Here, he writes about budget-friendly decor ideas for your banquet hall Houston TX.

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