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Picture Perfect: How Wedding Pros Make Their Photos Timeless

Your wedding has come and gone, you have honeymooned, opened all the gifts, and are beginning to settle into your new life as man and wife. Then the wedding photos come and you are able to relive that magical day as if you were there again. Your guests have had the photos they took from your wedding all over social media since that special day and they do not even compare to the lifelike photos from your professional album. You may wonder how your wedding photographer was able to capture such perfect, timeless photos. Wedding photographers have a specific set of skills and knowledge that enable them to deliver flawless photos.

It’s all about the Lighting

A professional photographer knows that there is nothing more important for capturing amazing photographs than having perfect lighting. When your photographer tours your venue, they are taking notes on where the best lighting is and what equipment they will need to create perfect lighting. Bright, natural outdoor lighting will produce the best photographs. But the beauty of hiring a professional is that they know how to create lighting that will illuminate your special day in the best possible way. The use of a flash and specific adjustments to camera settings enables your wedding photographer to get great photos in even the darkest of churches.

The Right Equipment

If you have ever taken a photo with your smart phone at a wedding and then compared it to the professional photos, you have noticed that your phone camera is vastly inferior. Your wedding photographer comes armed with the best gear for the job. They will generally have at least two cameras and several lenses for capturing different angles. These are extremely sensitive and sophisticated pieces of technology that your photographer has invested hours into mastering. The time and money spent on this equipment shows in the final results of perfect wedding photos.

Tell a Story

One of the many benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer is their ability to tell the story of your wedding day. Whether you are having wedding pictures taken by a Kauai wedding photographer, or your wedding is in a barn, your photographer will typically arrive around the time you and your wedding party are getting ready. They will generally have a second shooter, an assistant photographer, of the opposite sex to capture both the bride and the groom making their preparations to walk down the aisle. Your photographer and their second shooter will continue to capture the experience by moving discreetly around your wedding until the end of the reception. The result is a beautiful photographic tale of the most special day of your life.

The Value of Experience

Your photographer likely attends at least 50 weddings a year. Add up the years your photographer has been in business, and you will realize there are no surprises for them when it comes to weddings. This experience is a great asset for you. Your photographer knows what works for your wedding and what you should skip altogether. They know how to move through the guests like a ghost so they don’t disrupt the day. If you see a photographer leap in front of a couple as they are having their first kiss, you can be certain that is not a professional. The experience a wedding photographer gains means that they know exactly where to be to capture one of a kind moments in perfect clarity.

The care and experience that your photographer puts into taking the photos on your wedding day translates into perfect photos that instantly transport you to the happy occasion. These are photos that will allow your children to feel as if they were right there as you said your vows. Never underestimate the power of a great photographer.

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