A cruise makes a perfect bachelorette party. You get to enjoy sun, spa, and sisterhood all while traveling to exciting places. A cruise can also be a very affordable party option for a bachelorette party.


Why a cruise is an affordable option

If you’ve ever shared an Airbnb with a group for a girls for a trip abroad, you know those prices can add up quick! From the cost of meals, accommodations, transportation, alcohol, entertainment, and activities it can cost over $200 a day.

Many cruise lines offer discounts for booking a certain number of rooms, meaning even more savings if your group is large enough. If you live by a port that is within driving distance you would even be saving on airfare. A cruise would include your lodging, meals and entertainment all for less than the cost of what you would each be paying individually.

Cruise lines also offer alcohol packages where you get one set price for unlimited alcohol per person per day. This is a great option if you are looking to set your budget for drinks in advance or if you’re worried about going over your budget while enjoying the party.

You also won’t have to worry about coming up with group activities that everyone wants to do. With a cruise you will have plenty of onboard activities for partygoers to choose from, so you can hang out as a group by the pool or do your own thing. You can enjoy the spa, shows, mini golf, games and trivia, waterslides or fitness center, and the best part is that the entertainment is free.


Additional Costs

There are a few additional costs to consider when planning a bachelorette party cruise. Transportation to and from the port being the biggest expense if you have to fly to the port. Make sure to factor in the cost of flights if you are sailing out of port that is not within driving distance.

Shore excursions are another added expense. Depending on what destination your group chooses for the cruise you will need to book your shore excursions. Either individually or as a group. The cost of shore excursions is not included with your cruise so that will need to be budgeted for and purchased separately.

Amenities like spa treatments and work out classes are also expenses that are separate when booking your cruise. If you or your group are looking to add on any amenities that are not included that is another added expense to budget for.   


Choosing the right cruise line for your bachelorette party

Every cruise line is known for something different, for example Carnival cruise line is known as the “party cruise” Virgin Voyages is known for adult’s only cruises. Is your group looking for a cruise where there is more of a party vibe and less families or are you more into amenities like the best hot tub and spa? Depending on your group’s vibe you may want to research which cruise line is best for the kind of bachelorette party you want to have.

Also keep in mind that you are limited to the destinations, dates and days offered by that cruise line.


Planning your bachelorette party cruise

I recommend when planning any cruise vacation, especially for a group that you plan to book your cruise at least 6-12 months in advance. This ensures that you get the best selection for cabins, itineraries, and special promotional rates.

If you have to fly to the sailing port, depending on the time of year airfare costs could be high. If your booking your cruise a year in advance its also a good idea to look for the best airfare rates ahead of time.

Make sure your entire group is on the same page ahead of time for your group booking, because if someone gets sick, misses their flight, or shows up late it won’t be possible to join the party late.

Set a budget! A 3-day weekend cruise will cost a lot less than a weeklong cruise. Keep in mind how much everyone in your group can spend for their individual party budget.  Make sure to factor in additional costs like drink packages, excursions, and additional amenities.


Overall a cruise is a great option for a bachelorette party as far as cost and getting the most for your money.


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