Please Your Partner with a Sensual Pole Dance

Hi ladies~

Get ready to act out your and your
partner’s sexual fantasy by performing
a private, personal sensual pole dance.
With the Passion Parties Dance Pole,
you can explore your imagination and
unleash your inhibitions. Here are a few
tips to help get you started.

Practice. With your own Passion Parties Dance
Pole, you can practice in the privacy of your own
home. If you can, practice in front of
a mirror so you can watch your body move. Be sure
to relax and feel confident. Don’t forget to breathe.
Nervousness may cause you to hold your breath as you
dance, but deep breaths help to relax the body and allow
the muscles to move in a more graceful manner. The more
relaxed you are, the sexier you will dance.

Create a character and scenario. Are you a naughty
executive, secretary or librarian? Maybe you’re a domineering
pirate or leather-clad temptress. Of course, you could be the
demure maiden in white. Let your imagination run wild and select
an appropriate costume. Choose from Passion Parties’ selection of
sexy hosiery, for added fantasy.

Coupon Code: Save10
will save you $10.00 on your purchase of the dance pole!!

*Passion Parties by Janet*

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