From the information that I am seeing in the wedding guides and magazines, they are telling you to book your wedding photographer approximately 9 months before your wedding date. This is a good amount
of time for most brides, but here are other things you need to consider when booking your photographer or any other vendor:

Top 5 Reasons to Book your Wedding Photographer Early!

#5...Guarantee your date!

If you are getting married in the summer months, or the year's most popular wedding month, which can vary from year to year depending on the wedding trends, you may want to book sooner.
Also, you have to consider the popularity of the date, such as
Valentine's Day or date with numbers that have a meaning or pattern like September 10, 2011 (9/10/11), and especially if it's a holiday weekend.
Unfortunately, even us wedding vendors do not always know what dates are
going to be popular until we start getting calls from brides and grooms
to be.

#4...More time to pay!

The longer time that you have to pay your wedding vendors, the better you can control your budget. You will know exactly how much money to budget for
photography and your other major vendors, and won't have to worry about not finding one
you can afford. Plus, this gives you more freedom and creative
options. I ask for a $400 deposit to book your date, but you don't have
to be paid in full until two weeks prior to your wedding. Therefore,
you can make as many payments as you need, or save up until you can pay
in full. Most other vendors have similar policies. Are you having an engagement party or bridal shower? You can
always have your guests purchase Kurt Nielsen Photography gift
certificates to help pay for your wedding photography, and you can
always upgrade if you find you have more money left in your budget! Ask your other vendors if this is possible with them as well.

#3...Help with Wedding Day Time Management!

Don't know how long after the wedding to start the reception? I can help with that! During your free consultation, I will ask you lots of questions including if and
where you want to go for formal wedding pictures. We can then determine
the amount of time needed to complete all of the post wedding photos
which will vary depending on how many pictures we can get finished
before the wedding and travel times to where you want to go for more
pictures, and any other stops you want to make. You will probably
change your mind about some of this as it gets closer to your wedding,
so make sure you come in for another free consultation before you send
out your invitations to ensure you leave enough time to get all of the
photos that you want. Your wedding planner can help with this also. Just make sure your photographer and planner are on the same page so both know what is going on.

#2...One less thing to worry about!

You can relax a little bit because you now have one of the biggest wedding day choices secured! This will leave you more time to plan everything else and one less thing to worry about!

And the #1 Reason to Book Early!.....

You get this year's prices! Unfortunately, occasionally I need to adjust my pricing because my suppliers pricing increases. When you book your wedding, you get
the current wedding pricing. If my prices go up by the time your final
wedding payment is due, you will only have to pay what your signed
contract requires even if my prices have gone up, saving you money!

Good Luck and Happy Planning!

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Comment by Christine Dyer on November 30, 2010 at 9:25pm
Thanks for sharing these tips! I'm tweeting this now!
Comment by Kendrick Morrison on December 1, 2010 at 11:32am
So true! As a solo operation I hear from clients all the time who wish they had booked my services sooner... I tend to book my entertainment services anywhere from 14-18 months out from a wedding date. Many bridal planning brochures say wait fr 6-9 months before. Wayyyy tooo late for me.

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