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Reception Ideas: How to Organize and Execute Your Wedding Plans

Planning your wedding can be exciting and a bit overwhelming. While the day is all about you and your spouse-to-be, you also want to make sure that your reception is fun, comfortable, and goes as smoothly as the wedding itself. Here are a few tips on how to make sure that happens.

Pick the Right Venue

If your guests have to drive across the city to get from the wedding to the reception, you might find you end up with more than a few frustrated guests, especially if they’re from out of town and the area is unfamiliar. You don’t want to just consider location, though. You also need to consider things such as how easy it is to park (or if there’s valet parking), plenty of restrooms, excellent climate control, and plenty of room for all your guests.

Rent Plenty of Tables and Chairs

You hope that your guests will mix and mingle, get up and dance, and enjoy their time celebrating your wedding. But don’t forget that most people prefer to comfortably sit at a table to eat their meal or their cake, and some will want to rest between dances. Some companies, like Party People Rentals & Sales, know just how important this is. Having plenty of tables and chairs to ensure there’s more than enough seating for everyone is important.

Fun and Entertainment

Whether you go with a DJ, a live band, or a solo live musician, music adds a celebratory flair to your reception. If there’s dancing, make sure the dance floor is large enough to accommodate your guests—and their flailing arms and legs. Provide other entertainment, too. Photo booths, caricature artists, lawn games or even karaoke all add a unique twist to your reception that will be fun and memorable for everyone.

Appreciate Those Who Came to Celebrate with You

Your wedding day is busy and will go by quickly. No matter how hard you try, or how much you might want to, you likely won’t get to spend much time with any of your guests. They’ve come from near and far to celebrate your big day with you, and a few tokens of appreciation will go a long way to showing them that you’re grateful they were there, even if you never got the chance to say so. Small picture frames, candles, personalized cookies or other edible treats are all sweet ways to let them know you appreciate their effort to be there with you.

Thinking outside the box and being prepared can make your big day run smoothly and feel effortless. Ensuring your guests are entertained, content, and appreciated will ease your stress and allow you to enjoy the day.

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